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Everyone has atleast once experienced network issue and slow speed due to several reason either lack of towers in your area or you live in unreachable places even your network provider doesn't give high speed data in your geo location there are numerous reasons that you may faced this network issues and slowspeed...

Keeping this In mind Facebook launched Facebook lite and google added page lite features it does improve the speed but is it enough ? 

Well no. In this article you'll know some useful tips and tricks that will help you to increase your internet and browsing speed.

Here we go...

First, Generally either you are running Android or iOS you'll probably have setting option apps and now you have to go into that option and restrict unecessary apps from background usage these way the network and battery will improve both battery and network speed is inter-connected and do enable battery optimization.

Second, go to your playstore or appstore and search for network restrict for apps you'll get some apps that have ability to restrict apps that either taking higher data and you can check any unusual or unecessary app and restrict internet according to your preferences.

Third, using lite versions apps rather than original apps, apps that was higher size and resource required will take higher usage if you have option choose a lite version app like fb lite, and messanger lite, twitter lite etc over original versions the lite versions are made to speed at less data or network so you won't face much problem.

Fourth, Facebook as you may know or not Facebook apps has known for battery reducer, Facebook does consume alot of internal storage and keep on continuing in background it does take alot of internet at the same time so better to put it in optimization mode at the same time restrict background usage will suggest to use fb lite for things that needed mostly and use fb app for features that are not added yet in facebook app.

Fifth, updating your software time to time these thing can actually increase your internet speed as the fixes or improvements from your phone manufactures will fix bugs so this can possibly improve your internet speed.

Sixth, dns, adding a custom dns settings will do the better job then a system dns, there are some amazing free dns providers from reputed companies that not only improve the loading speed at the same time block your glitchy adds that open in new tabs unecessarly.

Here are some dns providers go to setting and add this url in dns option and save it.


cloudflare : you can even install app for this in playstore.

Or, add these  "1dot1dot1dot1.cloudflare-dns.com" url in dns settings.

Seventh, using vpn over normal, vpn does not only provide security from getting hacked or keep you safe from internet attacks. And choosing a right high speed vpn service boost the internet speed. And if there's is any unnecessary outflow internet from your device will be closed.

Eight, some times may your lack some settings that needed specifically for your device or your sim network provider contact to your network providers and ask for the settings and install them this could definitely improve the speed as setting may change sometimes 

Nine, probably installing as many apps from unknown sources and remaining with it and giving unecessary permissions can possibly making internet slow try to uninstall apps which are unecessary.

Tenth, lastly of your are still facing network issues then only way to solve the problem is contacting your network provider and asking your problem and fix your issue if still doesn't changed then reboot your device that could fix things up else changing sim to another network may help you.

Honarable mention >

Some browsers like kiwi and puffin do offer cloud browsing optimizing result like upto 50% more speed than usual so check out them even at low internet speed works pretty fast and moreover puffin is personal favorite for us you can compare yourself and decide.

These are some useful tips and tricks that may solve your network and speed issues.

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