awesomebrowsers for your android device,

Browsing is the major thing in any device for any information on the web, the better the browser the better the information view and speed, now will add some browsers which have advanced features and speed, if you are only using prebuild system browser, now you could 
use below apps you may like them.

We seen internet explorer to chrome and Mozilla some advanced browser's later got released to android and we have been using them for so long, in recent years some amazing browser's got attention if you use it once you'll like to use them more..,

1. Chrome

Old style, chrome may not be new but this browser was from tech giant google, tech experts do agree chrome was the only browser that loads original webpage, however it has some data saver options that will increase the load speed, a must try for real web experience.

2. Brave Browser

Browser have major resemblance from chrome but with many added features including adding feature of adblocker for add-free experience,
It has battery saving feature, they advertise assurance of security and privacy mainly they have an amazing feature to earn money via privacy respected ads.

3. Kiwi

Kiwi is a browser which loads the webpages rusing thier own optimized servers, it was simple and beautiful, also it uses chromium websystem which was added advantage some reviews say that its better than chrome.

4. Via

Less size big things, feature packed in 500kb size you won't believe what this browser will do,
app slogan and motive is less was more.
Slogan was rightly apted for it, it has different features like useragent to experience different mobile web views, including that view source option and network log option which no other browser have it, you can block images mainly you'll have picture mode in it. A must try from us

5. Puffin Browser

Last but best for cloud browsing. Puffin uses thier own servers to load the page. It loads the page in instant you'll have amazing features it has thier own flash player to play flash games they do provide game mode with it, you'll have an amazing playing experience, with cloud protection and save bandwidth up to 90℅ it will best browser for resource required web pages.

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