This question arises when you wanted to build a website or a blog, absolutely a tough choice for beginners to decide, 

OK, we will solve the issue which to choose and why ?

Blogger being a content management site from well known google company it has assurance from google and we can have trust of safety of your website. 

However Blogger Have It's Own Pros and Cons let's see what are they...

Blogger is a reputed and most well known popular and classic blog creator from google.

Pros >

1. Blogger is simple and easy you can easily start a blog website and add AdSense from menu itself, the major thing is you doesn't need have custom domain to get approval, subdomain of blogger - is enough and no problem or issues with it.

2. Blogger written and developed on python which is a good thing, but blogger doesn't got further development for years still it can compete many other cms sites in 2019 and many more

3. Blogger have XML format for templates to run on blogger no other format are supported and it is not heavy resources required.

4. Blogger have its own statistics analytics system you'll get accurate info about your visitors at the same time you can link google analytics easily.

5. Blogger have inbuild templates which are powered by blogger and it is developers decade ago you can feel how website look at the time.

6. Blogger will always up as it is from tech giant google and google servers are known for speed and reliability and your information is with google, if you trust google then everything fine..,

7. Easy to edit and add your own code and get it worked.

8. Seo method is simple and easy, 

9. You can rank website with custom domain and if you remove it later as a backup you'll have for AdSense validity.

Cons >

1. Lack of development from google and it has no updates so far recently released a mobile version of website view other than no added features.

2. Lack of templates, you can do customized of your own.. No big templates availability from developers but there are some amazing contenders who strive to provide templates and do have amazing templates for website to make professional.

3. Lack of plugin as it will be more useful for static websites and bloggers, not for heavy resource things won't work as it doesn't support.

4. As it only support xml no other format are supported as of now

5. Old style and it was classic no material vibes has yet seen looks boring for other users.

Moreover, blogger can be used as professional and normal use, but if it was heavy resources required website blogger not for you, if you looking for static page for app or company it perfectly work and let you free, it can work flawlessly for techblogs and news but if you want something more of it then it gives no choice as it doesn't have added features and developments has interuppted for a decade.

WordPress from Automatic Inc Company as it gives more advanced editor and features and it was considered as great competitor for blogger being from a well established company automatic it has got a lot of development from the company and support works 24/day, they have two services one was VIP and another free, it was user choice to decide, the payment VIP choice give more access -ability and support.

1. WordPress written in php to make advanced features possible.

2. WordPress give better editor then any other competitor.

3. It has its own subdomain for free blogs 

4. It can be used for heavy resource needed websites as it support advanced features.

5. It has a large plugin support for making more out of it.

6. WordPress does have large theme community and plugin support not only that it has large showcase of in build powered by WordPress themes.

7. WordPress does need third party hosting for custom domain gives more options 

8. It does have good material look and vibrant colours.

9. A good support and development team who works day and night to give best for the users.

Cons >

1. subdomain have no support for adsense

2. WordPress doesn't provide SSL it a major backdrop that you have to relay on third party providers.

3. WordPress server optimization was not top notch you have add cloudflare for better speed.

4. If you have a custom domain you must have to use a third party hosting provider else buy premium VIP service, this was a pros and con for different users.

5. WordPress doesn't have spam comment system automatically, you have to install plugin for most of things that you wanna do including activating SSL.

6. If you got any problem on something or you are not aware of something done some mistake you could possibly loose more, you have to completely understand WordPress environment and backup most priority.

7. Not a easy usable and understanding and you have to keep on updating things etc. Like plugins fix errors and you get more work on website itself rather than content [ user - specific ]

WordPress is a great competitor for blogger it has reached more users than any platform and it is considered as priority for most of the users for advanced features, its best for resource required websites and techy websites or to use own plugins you can find plugins for most of everthing ot can be used for almost all sites etc.

Conclusion : Both of them have pros and cons choose according to your requirement before doing something think wise and take decision as both are different things in different ways.

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