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We gone through the stages of communication devices from telephones to mobiles, the development for communication devices has been on active development, the day when graham bell invented the device to communicate with his girlfriend well he would ever taught that the decades after the idea will change the world fate.

Yes, the telephone of graham bell to now modern smartphones are managing the world through telecommunication without that world will stop working 24hrs a day world depended on telecommunication from a comman person to government everyone need a secure information exchange system for security related things for nation to comman person for anything private.

We in this world as seen several ways of communication, the era where people to need to travel to several locations to meet and share the info the rulers have their own personal information exchanger who have to keep information even the person have to go through death, well that thing really not interested by people then later the advanced has to be done, later the pigeon exchange taken place for sending and receiving information, as biologically the pigeons in build have accurate GPS map in their brain, just training from expert is just what needed for longer distances information, these trick however decoded by invaders or enemies then these trick however got interrupted later people used this method for communicating and this method gone well for decades. When there is needed for sharing crucial information regarding kingdoms then the idea of secret agents taken place this worked for ages however small interupptions here and there still went fine this will be the most succesfull method.

Now, when we got into era of constitutional governenents then all the things will be in hands of them, this is when the technology era has been started here are two things in technology here we are going for communication technology while we have two telecom system while hardware - starting point and digital communication - currently going on, the most priority one was digital this is where it was completely changed human daily life to the world fate and future.

Advantages and disadvantages are comman in any field digital communication is not an exception,
 if you wanna understand above sentence perfectly we suggest you to check Serbian inventor Tesla biography.

As we earlier, the advantage is it will connect you to whole at you finger tips, at the same it does have a loop hole in it for criminals, either its a hardware telecommunication or digital communication the security everything have a problem or a loop hole or either be created intentionally for whatever the reason by whatever the humans as I said when there is a need to do something they find their and the outcomes can put their life into blackhole or a rainbow playground if used correct then a rainbow waiting you else a black hole attracting you😂

Here where the things really get interesting, when governments major will be protecting from unnecessary things that either a small or large community even a individual safety is primary thing, as telecommunication not only gives you large scope to secure information a small bug or loophole into can even share your information in seconds, there is no big surprise the more the development begin on something the more the users get into there will good and bad.

OK, this will be enough to understand the concept of technology in the field of telecommunication and their outcomes can happen or neither is in the hands of humans, future can't be judget accurately so whatever happen can't be seen, so using them for the right way and putting firewalls for yourself to overcome technology and its problems.

Let's get into point telephones where it does created an revolution around the world, but it does have loopholes, we know human are a advanced being on the earth with an intelligent minds the loop holes begin in them to at a good speed at the same time advancing and improving the product has been started,

Here's  a catch what is loophole, let's see loopholes is nothing a thing that will show you a path to either modify, change, damage or spy through a direct or indirectly by exploting a piece of hardware or digital in build things through compatible methods.

We gone through the era where information used to transfer through pigeons and now we are able to communicate around the world within your screen in seconds.

For all that you need to have a Smart Phone

When there is a market for something than there will be vendors, when there are vendors the manufactures need makers, when makers want to share thier work to the world if the product was useful enough then everyone will stand in front of makers.

Let's us now continue with telecommunication fields, the first step that made current digital world was when Tesla invented radio transmitter to communicate devices and send storable pictures through signal at a designated frequency range.

This is being the first milestone for digital telecommunication that made advancements several other features to included in device adding an software layer making of visible through screen adding features like messaging and changing ringtones silient mode and adding some software compatible games, address book, including memory card and and updating them time to
time, and this is mobile phone.

Mobile phones are revolutionized the total sector, being got a lot advancements and improvements to get a perfect ideal phone. Being the java and symbian softwares made a major role for the sales, however mobiles gone through a lot of high price at starting times not everyone able to affort later the times changed then mobile device accessible to everyone.

Here, A notify to continue earlier we said you about a loop hole and elaborated now this word in terms of current technology world called as hacking.

Hacking being have major scope in digital software devices than mobile devices. Likely hacking being only exploitable to windows / computers later when advancements begin on mobile devices hackers get into mobile hacking.

Here a simplified in further we continue in the topic
Mobiles devices keep on releasing then qwerty keyboard featured mobiles being used then trackball mobiles released from various mobile manufactures adding their own customized java or symbian skin with manufacturer specific features, then apple released iOS with touch screen completely stunned the world  then android - google adapted it a lot and adding own software and it to open source, later everyone used it, then time to time the specs of the devices increased at rapid speed in few years that people not even imagine 10years back 50mb rom and 50mb ram now to 1tb and 10gb ram.

This advanced features with touchscreen we will call it as smartphone.

Now the subject appeared. Smartphones is a hardware adding a software on top of it to control every thing and accessing hardware features through user interactive display for easy navigation which will be called multitouch.

Smartphone app development has a good response and development for apps and games with software updates it's was a mini computer in your hand smart phones does creates so much hype that reached every urban and rural area you won't be surprised that you find a guy using Smartphone in a deep rooted jungle.

Smartphones in daily life, everything either a phone call , message, meeting, conference, to share information , receive information, for entertainment, music, games, payments, internet, learning and many more are completely in a size that can fit in your pocket.

That's the reason. It was easy and can be easily taken anywhere, it can do almost any task the developments are in such scale you don't even need a computer that everyone can be done in your smartphone.

Smartphones do not only changed the world but hacking become a major threat and it damaged many companies and individuals and become a threat to nation and governments.

Smartphones given a wider scope of accessibility of features at your finger tips but hacking could possible make your privacy vanish with some of txt file or a website you visit that you don't even know that your phone compromised and being watching and monitored by someone 

This not only limited to public but also to law enforcement agencies, government agencies etc.state and government are improving themeself security developments are on active.

Here a point, the reason that government or law enforment agency them self have problem. The unqualified candidates in services like police departments no wide knowledge being doing work  for money has giving criminals a easy way to get access to government own hacking devices and software, in this way their are alot of innocent people lives got disturbed and damaged just the reason of a single person in a responsible job not followed rules and no investigation breaking or managing and entering into someone privacy and spoiling life's of them, in this way not only become a threat from hackers police departments has become a major loop hole for hackers to access government hacking and spying tools. The only way to solve this is to make follow police and government agencies to strict rules. Being this type of things can be easily seen in india, you won't even believe that even constable to higher post officer will give permission to spy on someone for personal gains and money. Any way whatever it was intelligent criminals getting source and ideas for different ways of crime. As the criminals getting problem while hacking then choosing a way to act nicely in front of government agencies and making false allegations or public proof on a person to spy on him for personal hatred theses types of crimes majorly doing by pyschos and jealousy overloaded people with sadist mindset. criminals getting more and more ways to trap and use whatever the way even it was a risk they themselves aware of it but they don't care as they plan very intellectually and not even the IAS candidate got into confusion and they do act very nice to surrounding people to get suuport for their personal agendas

Well, now you know how Smartphones changed the world and how hacking effecting it and what governements doing to themselves and public and what are the loop holes in government and departments and it effects and how to fix it and it consequences.

Conclusion : Telephones to mobiles rapid advancements going on in the field of telecommunication's that made Smartphone possible everything in tech have a advantage and disdvantage smartphones are not an exception. hacking being a major threat to smatphone's when it was out of thier hands, hackers and criminal minded people targeting police and government agencies in different way either with a good mask or false allegation whatever I was making the person privacy public for monitoring crime, no wonder the software and crimes knowingly or unknowing , intentional or unitentional criminals not even leaved police in their plans for getting info at anyway, the only thing is to government select qualified candidates then money giving candidates this way the intellectual crimes in the part of hacking will be decreased gradually.

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