Hi, We gone through long way since the beginning of mobiles to today smartphone's a new company showing up everday in this industry, 

while there are alot of startups and big company's
in this smartphone industry, there are alot of smartphones launching everyday in mwc

When there are alot of smartphones while there alot of options to choose, there are alot of products that give value for money and many don't so it is very important to buy product consiciously so you won't regret later.

So, we provide you comprehensive info regarding how to buy or choose a smartphone, if you buying smartphone now and you are new then stop read this article completely.

There are several factors that make a smartphone while there are some features gimmicky that attract you and some gives what being said even at actual statements.

Design •

Yes, one of the most important thing that every smartphone user need to consider are you getting the design that you paying for ? well there are three categories in smartphones entry level, mid range and premium the design based on the the price and the device you are buying every smartphone manufactures have coming up with thier own design either asus or sony etc. Just search for some products and see the design have an general idea about your price and choose based upon your preferences, while some devices gives good features but lack in design while some give good design and lack in features so just make sure about design mainly that phone you use daily.

Camera •

Earlier, i have said regarding gimmicks that manufactures gives you high pixels in name sake but in reality it won't performance as they advertise for example a 24mp could lack infront of 12mp it is completely based on three factors sensor, image processing, software etc, so if you are buying in retail use camera and compare with the device that you like and buy if you are buying online than watch some reviews. If you are only camera priority there are some camera centric phones that you can try.

Battery •

Yes, We gone from removable batteries to non removable batteries now this is the most important thing that need to be considered as it gives juice to your device to run and last atleast a day as it is main priority you must have to choose battery mah high so you won't get drain quickly as the techical things required alot of battery more battery more saver and saviour.

Network •

Yes, the time when 2g is fastest to current 5g network the speed improving at lightening speed to keep up in this tech era the higher the speed the better it is, so make sure that you have current technology network speed modem for your smartphone.

Operating System •

There are several operating system like android, iOS and kai os etc choose according to your preferences there are alot of differences and reasons so have a look research and go based on your liking and preferences.

Storage •

The higher the storage the more thing that you can have in your device as the app becoming big day by day and smartphone some are removing feature of external sd card you make sure to have a good storage as camera pics itself giving an basic app size so make sure and buy a decent storage phone

Memory •

The more apps or tasks the more ram will be used, the more the ram the better the speed and fluidness either for gaming or multi tasking ram was most priority thing that need to taken care of.

Manufacturer •

As devices getting pricer at the same time budget oriented increases value of money to increases make sure the brand that you choose have some good community and repair centric at the same time good service or support for future safety. 

Software Updates

Make sure the smartphone company provides timely updates either for security or is so you won't left at features or security this is also one of the most important thing as it will keep you upto date atleast a 2year updates from manufacturer is a good sign


The bigger the screen the better the viewing angles either for movies or videos make sure to have a good quality screen as most thier are several types like hd , amoled TFT etc.


Make sure to protect your phone with either screenguard or tempered glass even if your phone does have protection like gorilla glass or dragon trail, gorilla or dragontrail gives you an extra high layer of protection so your screen doesn't broken or damaged easily.

Custom Rom Support •

Even if your phone doesn't have regular updates from manufacturer, you can easily unlock bootloader and root device to install custom rom that made for your device from XDA or 4pda.ru
So have a look before.

UI Preference

There are several custom software provides by manufactures either the google stock and other like miui ot Zen ui colour os etc so have try or see reviews and choose whichever you like it as thr ui is manufacture only software.

• Warranty •

Most devices offers 1year warranty and many give you extended warranty for display or danage etc for a few extra bucks so if you need it you can opt it to.

Yes, this above things that to be considered and checked carefully so you won't regret buying an outdated smartphone and save your bucks.

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