Smartphones getting new features and the price also increasing entry level and mid range phones are having its own features with mid and entry level chipsets and hardware is there any phone that can give you premium phone features at a mid range smartphone price then it's pocophone 

Poco is a subsidary of Xiaomi, Xiaomi launched pocophone on focus of indian market, as the prices are above minimum 30k for premium smartphone it was become very hard for a mid range budget guy to experience an higher level hardware or features else no one though that a 20k device make possibility of getting a 800series Snapdragon chipset with water cooling technology for gamig.

Poco phone has put shock around the world and begin to rise popularity in days as no one ever taught something like this in the pricing you'll get a premium device that cost upto 80k.

Poco offers and Snapdragon 845 with AI engine this was the main high light as the other smartphones provides not even able to give an mediatek entrance level chipset at this price that Xiaomi subrand has done it.

There are alot of comparison between poco and other premium device manufactures even though poco lags here and there, 

Poco will be the budget Beast within 20k smartphones as no one still able to provide a snapdragon chipset at this price as the price alos decreasing day by day upto 17k then no other manufacture still able to give an chipset with other amazing features below 20k.

Until then Poco will be the Budget Beast....

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