The better the home screen and app drawer the better the usability even a fraction of second counts in terms of opening apps at right time launcher gone through alarge updates from google
A new look for every android version can be seen from froyo fo android 10 several launchers have got appreciation is there any browsers that will push thd boundaries then these below apps can be a alternative to your stock launcher.

1. Nova Launcher

Being the oldest released app launcher in playstore it has a seperate fan base for its customization and speed, it sports an material design with several options and do gives you latest stability in new android versions if you want something different wanna make your own setting style than this launcher will definately a good choice.

2. Lawnchair

Don't be doubted with the name of lawnchair even the name is kinda wierd it is a app launcher app that gives you simplicity and speed with useful features adding thier own other apps for different features the app as of now doesn't support android Q at the moment completely, you can try yourself if you have latest version and check the performance.

3. Action Launcher

This launcher taken pixel launcher developed by amir zaidi port and add colours features and customizations to give user a complete package of you like pixel launcher and used it before want a upgraded version of it then app does it job.

4. Pixel Launcher

It got the place in our list as it was made by Google for thier pixel line up, this app gives you simplicity and clean minimal ui with fluidness and user experience in mind so if you like it you can try this app.

5. Computer Launcher

This app gives you the user interface of windows 10 and adapt into android system and gives you like feel of windows Phone, if you wanna experience something new then this app will help you.

More will be added soon. 

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