Google Camera (Gcam) is a camera application developed for android when working on Google glass for nexus and pixel lineup now only available to google pixel lineup and removed from playstore on Feb 16 2016.

Picture quality based on three things, hardware, camera sensor and image processing so the better the three things in the smartphone then then the better the output of picture can be seen.

Google's HDR+ technology improves picture quality specially on low and mid end phones.

Google camera provides alot of features and quality that other camera apps doesn't provide or the quality won't be matched in terms of details and balancing colours for a perfect photo.

Google camera provides features like ; 

Potriat feature does gives accurate edge detection.

Night mode helps you in low light conditions and night photography this featured will give an significant change in your night photo or low light picture that google made through thier algorithm.


HDR+ Enhanced



Slow motion

Google lens integrated into google camera


and many more.

Google camera started as only for nexus and pixels later being ported to other devices based on chipsets as it only fully compatible with Snapdragon chipsets.

As popularity grows day by day the ports of the devices popup in developer forums for various chipsets as the first ports can be seen for pixel chipsets Snapdragon 821 later 675 then 625 chipsets.

It is very hard to port google camera to other chipsets that developers worked hard to get every snapdragon chipset devices.

Become hub for google cam ports as it provides you gcams for different devices ports from developers.

Google Doesn't made the app available to others devices, now the ports are unofficial.

The first ports was from bsg and later arnova 8G2 later many devs take part to get ports to other devices.

Google keep on releasing new features for gcam and latest ports keep on coming to get new features.

Lastly, Thanks to the developers who working very hard to get this gcam ports.

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