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Online Shopping - When you heard this words you'll get three three major sites like amazon, Flipkart and if you are tech oriented then google play.

Its the idea that change the total future of market and changed the business model of retail market,

While, if you back to time at least 20 years before you won't seeing anyone buying things from internet, then the guy jeff bezzos got an idea sell his books over internet and getting profit through a little margin, well you wil now know what actually happened when jeff bezzos purchased domain amazon.com to sell books it' was a new thing around internet at the time and do got a lot of response from citizens they selled couple of books and later the hype that Amazon created was unexpected, that jeff bezos to expand his delivery locations and added more items into the lists partnership with the wholesalers and selling through his online shopping portal.

If you are familiar with retail marketing then wallmart was the most popular seller at the time for almost everything including a large hub for electronics with decent prices their offers have done a really good name for them as they expanded thier retail store across many locations.

But here is a things even there are many providers some locations are not reachable it's a money taking thing to setup a retail store at every place and it's time taking to build and take permissions and maintainence as people like easyness and comfort and time conscious then people wanted some thing that could give thier needs in easyway and cost effective with discounts, there the time 90's people won't complain much even the price high than retail for few bucks but when public got to know the model and working way of online market they become to rise questions and concerns if any product was higher still its upto sellers.

Let's get back to Amazon, while as earlier said that Amazon used to add more and more products into thier list and improving thier sites, they can't deliver and list every product that people wanted either they don't have the budget even if they do have still it was hectic task to do sell products around the world by a two persons, as his wife supported him as some sources say that but no official confirmation from ceo and founder, ok whatever Jeff bezzos have to do something to overcome this issue and kept on updating the site for user friendliness, here where drop shipping and Amazon centers takes place and collobarating with bluedart and FedEx got a big turn in thier bussiness that blowed Jeff bezzos while intially this courier services made the things that though to be hard at the same time it does made Amazon to reach more audience and popularity has been a bullet train from then at the same not only this that made Amazon as a brand there another important as  thing that changed online market and changed the future of Amazon with this idea of making Amazon available to sellers. 

Yes, Amazon made thier website adding option to register as sellers and list thier products in the site and getting little percentage from it as a mediator between seller and buyer with assurance and support from Amazon for any issues or assistance regarding the products or problems.

While this continuing as more and more sites appeared in world wide web and Google got amazed with the popularity of this online shopping websites and thier viewerbase as once that over turned the ranking of adult sites 18+ Amazon inspired many other individuals and companies to start a starup or to sell thier own products through thier portal even they don't habr budget here where the people got a opportunity to sell thier products that are willing and wanted to sell has interupped for budget concerns has choosed Amazon, even at some time the retail owners them selves closed down thier sells that they can't compete with online shopping.

In simply, these are the most brilliant ideas and strategies that made Amazon to become top seller for almost every product, today if you check the site of Amazon or anyother online shopping then you find almost every product, ideas like giving sellers option to register which includes anyone either a individual or a small team even a small company even a large enterprise it doesnt matter, register, list , accept terms and conditions and provide necessary documents and roll on no investment no hectic permissions, 

• second idea to add as mediator between seller and buyer and representing Amazon brand to public over the sellers, 

• third most important thing that Amazon love to follow support Amazon likes thier customers and they give top notch customer service and support for almost every product this is a big plus point, adding to that improving website adding features time to time and taking more employees as the website grow securing thier website payment portals etc.

• Here the strategy's that really can be said as backbone of Amazon, Amazon as a startup doesn't have money so they maneged to get sellers by giving portal to them this thing worked but how they going to ship to other countries that bluedart and FedEx have managed for sometime and charges are high through this couriers for Amazon to handle and protect the brand popularity for lower price even there is problem with high distance areas.

- Amazon got an idea to establish hubs for them with collabariting with couriers and taken some hubs and paying on rental basis this hubs can easily be buyed at wherever they wanted, and it's cost effective than buying and building a big shop. At the same time Amazon strategy to deliver the products idea to home for this they taken delivery agents who have thier own transport vehicles as the popularity grows they got big vehicles and this become a good opportunity for students and part time workers and the problem of delivery has been solved and paying them from thier comission recieved through advertisements, commission percentage, partnership with companies, selling thier own products, product featuring , thier own seller accounts and listing most products and getting more margin as direct seller. Utilising the money that they got and expanding into more sectors with advertising in TV's and other internet portals and most importantly Amazon name itself made a huge popularity as its of biggest forest name in the world. 

While now you will now know how Amazon ideas and strategies that made what Amazon was now, that individual now become richest person in the world at the same got to no1 spot as it changes randomly but a small idea a big impact.

Now the things gets more interesting..., Amazon do got no competition or today even as a single owned company but some do given a good competition and even made the Amazon step down for years in india, later Amazon managed to overcome now again the competion rises.

Here the view of Indian market, as the things are really not clean and most users and public used to choose product in retail markets choosing thier own by experiencing it and lack of belief in online sites as indian users are more price consicious and money savers,

Online shopping sites are doubty and thier lack of support towards them really effected Amazon as Amazon offers only payement through online portals at the same only Visa cards accepable, as it's india there are many things that company need to take care of while choosing a country and adapting to thier environment and thier possibilities, 

Amazon lack of this features there products however got to sells by students and tech oriented people but it doesn't reached large audience in india even though Amazon is a top notch site then Amazon keep on selling the products then an online website flipkart got into the market even flipkart used sell books later expanded same as amazon.

But here the flipkart made a risky or a unexpected else can be said as new not guaranteed decision as it has some drawback but it's a big plus points in the market of India as public want the product in hands and paying money over and getting problems after that. Flipkart COD - Cash on Delivery as it made a huge response from all over India within months and made Amazon to revise and take decisions in india, 

Flipkart at the same time listed product at much lower price partnered with brands like moto launching only site only available, mainly flash sales at the same time conducting big billion days yearly at the prices 1rs later got notices from government, but yes they done that and servers got to crash and many uses do got the products and many didn't.

However flipkart is not a completed india based or completely owned company as the investors are from Singapore even though the ceo of the company are indians still the majory stake are owned by others.

Whatever, but flipkart made the possibility of cash on delivery and better products at less size via site only availability.

As i said Amazon inspired many other sectors and markets and entrepreneurs to start online site like alibaba in China and many other homegrown online sites, sites likes Myntra and bigbasket for vegetables many more...

Time to time the bad thoughs regarding online purchasing has decreased, but crimes and controversies regarding them has sparked and got trended some like selling stones in boxes and mangoes and killing purchasers by sells person for product etc.

But it's doesn't really effected Amazon or flipkat growth and it's kept on increasing day by day..

The easyness of purchasing products and get most detailed description of it with good support from site with strategies and ideas that made online shopping stand out.

The future, the amazon and many sites will asusual more and more sites can be seen in different categories, and Amazon venturing into other sectors like food at the same time adding 1hr delivery features in selected cities.

Now the flipkart has gone a up and down in that years while thats a big story.. later flipkart has been purchased by wallmart for india grip with billions of dollars later added website adding investments and collobarating with companies launching phones with tie up reducing thier profit margin etc to compete with Amazon and it does worked.

When this is going flipkart purchased some other startups like snapdeal that actually helped flipkat later however not impressed much like flipkart.

Even though. Now mostly the future of online shopping can be said stable as the security over delivery is high as it have check from customs from international products and check up from amazon hubs including no tamper products can be taken, with no additional charges for refusing products that you have ordered, as the 1hr delivery and AI and virual relality gives more possibility and features to online shopping sites with Amazon already started working on drone delivery's and making more comfort and security for users.

Adding that. When it's comes to india the major online sites are still amazon and flipkart indian company reliance as released a statement of entering into online market while reliance is top company and reputed and most trusted and favorite company for many like me.

Eagerly waiting for reliance let's see what new things can be seen in upcoming years as it already revolutionized telecom and the main thing is relaince not wanted to grip down in retail to online while there is higher chance of something big can happen.

And just have to wait and see... 

Conclusion : Amazon Started as Small Slowly and Effectively reached most of the world having good brand name and reputation for thier ideas and strategies that inspired many others, still lacked in india at certain time that made to revise and change according to country, while now here downs and ups facing competition from flipkart for thier own revolutionising and unexpected ideas that put and dropped amazon at some time still got to stablized trying different features venturing into more things. Future is bulletproof as the advancements for online shopping kept on updating time goes, Reliance being indian company given statement waiting for release lets see what happens.

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