Hi, Games either in android or iOS even in psp the better the speed and Fluid the better it feels.

computers have better ram and hardware psp emulators completely dedicated to gaming.

then what about smartphones then the refresh rate comes into the field. Refresh rate is nothing that a refresh rate per second.

the higher the refresh rate the better the performance it does make you feel fluid alot better than a 30hz phone, reason the 30hz only has ability to refresh 30images but a 90hz have ability to refresh 90images per second. 

In simply refresh rate is updating new images in display buffer the more better the hz the better the gaming it will be most useful for smartphones gamers to get this feature in android razer phone being the first to launch in the market with a 90hz display.

Currently, most the games in playstore doesn't support 90hz or 120hz there are few games that support these feature like dead trigger etc.

To get this feature work. The game should support it else you won't get to experience and more games are  adding into the list.

Manufactures are trying to get these feature in thier devices. 90hz for above 20k INR can be seen and 120hz are for 30k INR above devices.

As this feature will be useful, more devices will get into the list as you can play pub g etc.

Even though, it's gives you fluid and speed experience it does drain alot of battery to fix these issue manufactures adding more battery mah to last a day atleast.

There is a long go for smartphones and these feature will improve ability of smartphone in many ways as cloud gaming and more and more can be seen in tecnology era the more better the speed the more things can we do in smartphone's.

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