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iphone's come long way since the launch of
iphone 2g it does revolutionized the entire mobile phones viewing and using ways to the public and made new advancements like never before than the competitor Android has it own lineup like nexus and pixels.

iphone's being the most purchased devices in United States and Europe and considered as most security focused eco system and software.

In terms of hardware apple makes its best software and design even though the foxicon Chinese company fix things at right place the design of iphone done in California.

Now you will know why the iphone can be taken over Android on basis of pros...

iPhone provides you an ecosystem that make to stick to it in way that everything that can be connected to you with apple devices like Mac , i message, apple watches and its own cloud storage etc these will be useful if you are completely like the iphone and choosing iphones and apple products over any other.

iPhone has its own software iOS , it does provide software updates and security focused with an closed source and it's very hard to hack a iphone so it makes users be privacy free if you are the person who like privacy is the main priority considering iphone is a good choice.

Display even taught the display numbers of iphone are not big but the quality will mesmiriser that a 720p screen of iphone can match a amoled display of samsung 1080p and apple uses its own retina display using thier mods to hd and it's making a good release to the market and to experience the iphone retina display check out the comparison in youtube.

Camera iphone camera are top notch in either photography or video mode the stability and usage are more better than in android the detail and sharpness are more crisp, iphone can easily beat android in terms of actual image capturing.

Apps in appstore comparision to android playstore are less but interms of apple taking care of every app is good the apps whichever release in app store are completely checked carefully and released so you more likely not getting any virus or trojans at the same time apple app quality and ui experience really feel quality experience.

Design, design of apple was one of the most influenced and inspired model for many companies mainly for Chinese companies the design feels rich and unique if we considered apple and pixels more likely the fans for apple will be more still its individual preference.

Updates Iphone give users software updates for years if you really wanted a phone that can drive for years then owning a iphone is better while android struggles in terms of it unless you own a pixel.

iPhone is pricy compared to android and owning a iphone is a stature symbol in india considered by some but iphone doesn't lack anywhere in terms of quality and user experience.

If you going for iphone for above then definately iphone is better over android.

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