Hi, website creation take alot of time to buy and build and designing your theme but as the websites currently doesn't require hardwork that required like 20years before now we have alot of options and ways to create a website and live up in minutes.

Here we are going to provide you three easy cms -content management's systems that are free and amazing.

Let's get stared...

1. Postach.io

Do you have Evernote app or are you a user of Evernote ever thought to your notes live up in a website than this is poolssible.

1. Go to Postach.io

2. Login or Sign Up With Gmail

3. After Login Or SignUp Authorise With Evernote To Sync Notes With Website

4. After Authorization Done, Give A Name And Description To Website.

5. Unlike Blogger Or Wordpress Postach.io is easy to use and clean

6. You get an subdomain from postach.io like yourdomain.io

7. Now you have some cool Prebuild themes that can used 

8. For external features postach.io have some plans to get more out of your website.

Yes, Simple and Easily Live Up An .io Site In minutes.

2. Wordpress By Automatic.Inc

Wordpress being one of the oldest cms platform from renowed company has giving an valuable services to users with free and premium service's and have plenty of features with live up an pro
and heavy resource site in minutes.

Things Required -  Wordpress or Gmail - Emai

1. Go to Wordpress.com

2Now Create Your Account Either Through Gmail Or Email 

3. After Sign Up or Sign In Verify Your Wordpress Account With Verification Link That You Got From
Wordpress in Your Inbox

4. After Sign In Name Your Website Name and Continue

5. Now You'll get Free Domain With .Wordpress 

6. While .Wordpress Sub Domain Is Not Adsense Approval Possible, Which Is A DrawBack.

7. After Getting Your Domain, Now You'll Have Plenty Of Themes To Make A Wonderful Website in easy.

8. Plugins Are Alot And it Will Do Rest of the Background Job if Correctly Used And Adjusted.

9. Amazing Editor App Available For Phones, So on the way easy.

10 Mainly 1000's of Free Themes Available to Choose Prebuild, Even Have Amazing Support from theme developers, Most are paid.

That's it a free website with a capability of professional site in minutes 

3. Blogger By Google

Yes, old is gold as one of the oldest cms platform
from Google does have plenty of features to make
your website professional and it does give you an
simple and clean user interface with alot of old templates that being used a decade ago.

 Things Required - Google Gmail Account.

1. Go to Blogger.com

2. Now Sign in or Sign Up With Your Gmail Account.

3. After login, Tap on Create New Blog

4. Name Your Blog, And Press Create...

5. Now you get a domain for free and mainly it was 100% adsense approval guaranteed.

6. After creating you will get default template, you can choose few templates in themes option in dashboard and apply the theme which you liked according to your category.

7. Unlike, wordpress blogger themes based completely on html, css, XML format, so it you are not happy with prebuild themes you can create on your own or find templates from third party providers and apply the theme with restore option in your blogger theme option panel 

Yes. Edit or Customize it according to you and the website is live.

Extra -

1. Go to Pen.io

2. Give you website name

3. Set you password to website to access later.

That's it, you can live up website in a minute.

These are 3 simple ways to create and build an cool website.

Comment down below for any doubts or questions ?

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