How Important Is Antivirus Apps ?

Hi, do you ever know that there are several things several methods that can exploit your device and app that can spy on you.

There are several antivirus softwares and it does not only limited to computer, and many antivirus apps comes to smartphone from trustful prov-

Even though antivirus completely can't guarantee security and ensure of protecting or cleanising malware or trojans.

What is Anti-Virus ?

Anti-virus in simply it will protect your device from unwanted exploting invaders and clean your unnecessary files and do gives some security features for a better security and privacy oriented device.

How important is Anti-Virus.?

As more and technology advancements ongoing it become really hard to control this hacking techniques, company's and law enforcement agencies trying thier best to get pull out a better security protector either for computer or smartphone's and where there is a bug that manufactures trying to fix them with security updates.

Do you need to install Anti-Virus ?

Yes, As it gives you some extra features that protect from unwanted things, and make cleaning your unnecessary files that may contain malware or files that can exploit any hacking technique or method.

There are some security apps that we will share that we found useful and trustworthy.

• Norton Mobile Security

From well known computer Anti-Virus Norton Mobile primarly focus on different aspects to ensure security and freedom and do they offer multiple apps for security and privacy.

• Bitfender

Bitfender is one of the popular antivirus app from
playstore, as it got award and being best antivirus product for 3years and they advertise 100% protection and free vpn.

• Eset Antivirus 

Fast and powerful Anti-Virus app from ESET, as one of the trustworth app from security category and do it have external features like anti-theft and anti- phishing, do check them out

• McAfee

One of most trusted app and being top Anti-Virus software in pc and one the oldest available Anti-Virus app from playstore



• Jio Security

Being from well know relaince company, exclusive
launched for jio sim users if you are from india you will be familiar, as do app offers variety of features for security and privacy as main highlight feature is link analyser.

We suggest this app if you ask as do try them which you liked and select according to your 

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