Evolution of mobile chargers ?

Today, we totally have to rely on smartphone and it become an essential tool for almost everything and it run on battery and power up via charger and battery have basically two most things that make them run the device >

Lithium :-

Lithium battery are one of the most used

battery types till now and it has its own

pros and cons but gives decent battery.

Mah :-

Mah - milli ampere hour whichever battery type may be it was one of the important thing is mah the better the battey quality and higher the mah the better the smartphone battery life and performance.

If the both above mentioned things are qualify in quality and quantity then the smartphone runs more time.

Scientist"s are working on new type of battery other than lithium to produce better battery life and damage free.

Even though these two things plays a major role in terms of smartphone.

There is a 3rd factor to it ?

Charger - Yes, Charger transfer sufficient power to load the device mah to full and provide juice to battery to handle the device and necessary things related to the smartphone.

Unlike, Computers, Laptops, or any other devices mostly run on continou power supply.

But smartphone can only be recharge until it's juice up mah until 100%

The better the charger provide stable supply the better battery performance and health will be good without any damages if the battery doesn't recieved perfect or you use an unsupported charger more possibility of damaging your smartphone.

Chargers are most important thing and mostly according to the amps that device supports manufactures provide chargers and it was fine and most battery's that used to come with 1000mah can able to give a day with the technology that we have a decade ago.

But the advancement in thr field of smartphone technology rises very fast that could not even able to think of.

Smartphone battery's becoming bigge day by day that once upon there was 500mah is a big thing today we can see. 18000mah suprises with 50days of screen on time.

Yes, you heard that right 50days 🍭

When this is the real reason the evolution of chargers has begin.

The bigger the battery the size of the phones will be increased to company's tried thier best to however increased battery sizes without much impact on design and width and it worked for few years by adding two sleek battery's and non-removable battery's etc.

But, yeah it didn't worked for long as the battery has to be increased more time to time to fullfill needs of the consumers in this technology era smartphone's

This is when the idea of fast charging comes in place ?

Yes, when you are unable to increase more size of battey when it can spoil the design if you do.

Then charge the battery with a bigger no impact size and most company's doing the same.

But here's a twist :-

Even if you have technology of fast charging chargers with increased power there's the device has to support it.

Yes, most of the devices have Snapdragon and mediatek chipsets and they introduced and make them supported fast charging to juice up devices with fast chargers.

Even the manufacturer that didn't use above chipsets they come up with thier own fast charging modems.

Yeah, definately software optimisation do plays a major role in battery life.

Smartphone company's when phone able to support they slowly upgraded and updated thier fast charging technology with different names.

Snapdragon - Quick Charge - 1, 2, 3, 4

Which is Chipset Based.

Now let's come to chargers from manufactures with different names and technology's.

Including supporting chipset Quick Charge company's added thier own technology and increased watts to like never before.

Vivo - Flash charge

Motorola - Turbo Charge

OnePlus - Warp Charge

Vivo flash being the best as they continuously work on it.

Likewise, improving software increaed charge power tweaking according to battery and system hardware to fast charge without damaging battery.

That, Today we have 50watts supported fast charging that can easily charge a bigger battery with In 30minutes.

In future, as more and more advancements and inventions in field of battery's will definitely see a replacement of lithium batteries and most of the designs are coming with sleek and managed to with bigger batteries we may see a paper sleek battery that can run without charge with solar enehgy soon and definately until then chargers will be improved and upgraded timely with smartphone to adapt.

Conclusion : Battery's are most important thing in phones and it was ok even less mah back then but as time goes the bigger battery the can hsndme features and it's should adapt designs to fix fast charging comes in place and updated and upgrading with technology updation from manufactures in thier chargers to support new names new things and multi performance this things will joy until new replacement comes into the field.

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