How Advertising Works For Smartphone Company's

Today we have multiple devices for different needs either telivision, smartphone, computer as the productivity and competive withing these rises day to day.

Smartphone company's do spend alot of on advertising thier product after r&d research and development as the competition grows and to reach audience advertising is the only way even if your smartphone have hundresd of features it has to get attention from public to get sells or hype.

Samsung and Nokia used spend alot of money on advertising thier products can be considered as one of the top
companies who spend alot of money on advertising even the brand have alot of reputation.

There are multiple types of advertising to reach audience and get attention.

Hoarding - Company's collobarating with shopping malls, retail outlets, on the way hoarding, digital screens etc in several localities to get attention and reach as much as possible to get higher sells.

Advertising in websites - company's do spend alot of money to get advertising thier products in popular websites and do partnership with developers sites like XDA to get reach more.

YouTube Advertising : it is one of the main advertising strategy for company's to reach large audience company's send thier products to youtuber's for free or limited time and get potential to reach large audience all over the world.

Television Advertising : it is very less that company's from budget oriented company's do advertising in telivision channels but after the years they got into this to as television have large audience and it does boost reach and sells.

YouTube Partnership : Company's to extend reach and viewership ceo of the company's do partnership with some higher subscriber base channel to get positive vibes and making people to buy.

Video adverts : Company's take good amount of time to polish and release a good advertisement as it make people get attracted to thier product and grow sells.

Company's use several ways to advertise thier product and get hype like using digital india, design by some well know artist etc.

Collobarating with celebrities : Company's to even extend to reach alot more further, collobaring or partnership with celebrities and making advertising on them with alot of money reach alot of public as the icon that have wide recognition does boost thier brand reputation and reaching more people and growing thier sells.

Brand Ambassador : Yes, this do make a good contribution for advertising the product company's like to use some well known icons to get brand ambassador for a better reach and sells

Using Techiques like giving some fancy name highlighting a feature that made and do make alot of hype.

Does features not make advertising free ?

Yes, it works upto some extent, as features makes a complete main role and decide public to choose example : OnePlus just limited thier first products to some public later slowly got popular and getting large support and investment but still they got into advertisments.

Same for Xiaomi, Xiaomi doesn't advertised thier product at start and just limited to online sells evebbafter getting alot popular still they later got into
advertising thier products at large even after being no 1 for years in several markets.

As this thing becoming casual as more and more advertising products for more reach and getting attention from public.

Finally, Yes advertising works alot to get reach to public. as more attention and public reach means more sells and more sells build wide recognition and reputation of the brand.

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