Nihiao, Hi

, when you listen this word you most probably get three things in mind great Wall of China, smartphone's and Chinese language.

China being most populated country in the world.

Interms of education - 

First thing is china advertised
importance at right time when needed and Chinese stabilized education ratio alot by advertising importance of education in several ways does make china to have less educated people even having higher population.

China known for cheaper products either any kind of product available in china from a chalkpiece to super computers, china easy of business is really hard as they only promote country companies over other and complete put a firewall and even if you want to transfer and launch any technology that should be done through a tie up with local chinese company.

By promoting local companies providing support and thus making a impact on economy and utilising the stragies.

China have thier own version of following global utilising popular apps and services like google search engine, Baidu, youtube, whatsapp, maps.

They use alternative like :  wechat - wiebo, toutio, qq and many sites or websites that are blocked that china thought that can be problem for local companies like facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat etc and to access the services you need an vpn and some services are completely completed even no possibility after enabling vpn to.

One more pro aspect of China is labor wages is very less compared to almost any county including india company's setup thier manufacturing and assembly units in china over other country as china is already have less wages and technology availability.

China concentrates alot on infrastructure as company's even to transfer or to get worked on anything china infrastructure is very good and enabling good potential to growth.

China, copy and  replicates alot of companies and sell them at much lesser prices either smartphone, television, any technology product they make thier own version or duplicate piece looks like orginal in large quantity at lesser prices for several countries.

China have hubs for technology like Beijing and almost every smartphone manufactur part can be found in china tech hubs as they produce higher quantity.

China being first to utilise world wide technology like bullet trains, tunnels, and being working and updating to get better local companies over other.

Being having lesser labor wages, high local companies lesser interference of global blocking other sources of using global promoting local companies, making stricter guides even transferring technology with local tie up company's

Building and producing products at lesser prices with quality to several budget and price consicious Country's like Brazil, india etc and most global companies have manufacturing units in china only to get manufactured or assembled as the china have several resources and right infrastructure.

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