How Food Delivery Apps Work ?

Food delivery apps works like a mediator between vendor and reciever and take charges for delivery of orders that you placed in the apps that vendor linked.

Do you ever suprised with the delivery fee is such low and keep on decreasing in different time's

Now you'll get a complete info how food delivery apps work ?

Let's take example country - india

Delivery Apps - Uber, Zomato, Swiggy, Foodpanda

Now the reason we taken india is mainly based on many things like cost of labor, weather conditions and young people ratio compared to other countries and developing country.

India have alot of different cultural and region's and food is one of the main thing that people have to take care to thier nativity.

Migration between states are normal as some go for study, some to live and some for job and regions have thier own taste natively.

To get fix this, many north indian foods and 
south indian hotels vice versa builded in cities, towns etc.

Being having different state people living in different cities for thier own reasons.

The restuarents and food chains increased very fast as it's not only being only south indian like pizza.

But, being developing country India have large population and job hours and it become casual to work late nights and this is when food delivery ry get useful.

If you want food from a favorite restaurant that you can't visit nor you are really hungry that you don't have time to visit ?

Then definitely food delivery apps is not only a time saver and really helpful in certain times.

To get benefited from indian crowd and get online food ordering system like online shopping.

Swiggy and later food delivery apps made thier own ways to get this new way to everyone.

Let's take example : Swiggy

Swiggy is being very popular here in india and mainly the first app that really got good response from public.

Swiggy to get into indian food companion they have to do something to get publicity and hype easily.

To get this, attractive offers will definitely do the job if something is worth more the money that they spend indian's customer will more choose.

Not only in india definately it will do work countries to but to get hype or publicity then something more than casual need be done as it takes very low if you go in normal prices but a less price and large crowd works like charm.

This thing not only Swiggy other apps to utilised slowly even being run in losses to catch the crowd and slowly expanded to other cities.

Swiggy starting comes with a offer of 50% off on 1st 3 orders and a faster delivery.

This offer got a huge crowd and can be said as a keypoint to Swiggy food delivery success.

How Food Delivery Apps Able To Give Food At Half price ?

Tie up or can be said collobarating with vendors to let them sell the product at lower price that they insised like 1+1 or 50% off 40% off 

With coupon's and in only specific restaurant's and some do completely available in all restaurants.

Decreasing thier profit margin for future growth yes, they may loose some bucks but being getting popular in a market like india is a never ending cycle as more and more customers grow day by day.

Reducing Delivery Agents Salary Cost Than Normal or no profit for some months and just being running on delivery fee

Lastly, Collabarating with specific restaurant's and completely all restuarents and some times paying from thier pocket make them run for long.

How Delivery Charges Will Estimated ?

Usually food delivery apps works within limits of kilometer radius and if the delivery agent can't deliver to certain location you can't order if the agent able to deliver than it will based normal delivery charges but if it's rush hours than there will be some higher chargers and it will be based on weather conditions to.

How Delivery Agent's Salary Based On ?

The higher the orders, distance, the higher will be salary and recently Swiggy and Zomato increased
salary grows.

 - Keypoints 

Instead of providing facilities of delivery products of own food delivery apps do follow the same way like online shopping.

Who ever have own bike and required documents they will be eligible for food delivery agents.

So, it will a huge investment decrease to develop other things within themself

How Food Delivery Apps Advertise ?

Probably, main advertising will be based on offers
and they invest on hoarding and more investment in tv advertisments, webpage's, youtube etc.

• They print thier brand name on the bags of delivery agents this will be one of the keyfactor go get easily advertised on the go with less money.

How Popular Food Delivery Apps ?

Food delivery apps usage growing day by day and more people preferring ordering from delivery apps as the delivery fees is to acceptable.

It keep on getting more people and popular as new companies and shopping and cab coming to coming up and doing workout to enter into food delivery sectors.

Coming up with thier own food restaurant namely food points something like advertising as home food to connect more people.

How Food Delivery Apps Can Be Stable Sector ?

Food delivery apps run as mediator between restaurant and receiver and take commission and delivery to expand and develop thier service and food is necessary requirement and needed daily so it will be no big drops.

However, it's completely based on offers, service, quality like other sectors to.

How delivery agents work ?

As earlier said it will be based on the orders they reciever unlike shopping product delivery they have to visit restaurent to get the product and deliver it to the customer at whatever time or 
weather conditions.

Being criticised for some delivery agent mistakes like eating customer lunch are reducing the trust in delivery apps.

But they themselves working truly hard day and night to get food to customer's

And a thank you means alot. So respect delivery agents.

Conclusion : food is essential india is diversity and food is one of the main business to get more to reach households than food delivery apps come in and tried with offers worked up new giants coming up and thier doing thier own and can be said it's have more improvements coming in the future.

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