How Important Is Logo ?

Hmm, if yes then you are in right path.

Either from a small company or a conglo
merate and even a agency or a organisa-tion everyone can create a logo.

Having a logo have many benefits and it helps building personal identity to your product or any other portal and even your self.

Benefits of logo making are higher than creating a good product.

If you observe from a small developer to worlds biggest conglomerate company's never compromise interm's of logo.

They always update or re-edit to suit the current generation or some do not edit to do not get uneccesary identity issues.

Logo provide a personal unique identity to public about yourself, company' or portals.

- Personal Identity

- Commercial Purposes

- Establishing Brand To Your Product.

- Required For Advertising 

- Attracting Audience With Logo.

- Apt To The Product Or Company.

- A Good Logo That Last Forever.

• Personal Identity

Everything from you to everything in the
world need a physical objective Identity.

To remmember or recognise you portal that you put in public view and adver-

Lets see an example : There are 10 apps with same name : android and everyone advertised with same name do that will makes sense.

A big no, either it will create confusion and no well reception from public.

It not only put the company in bad image but also not good for company's or product or any portal growth.

This is where the logo helps, as logo create personal identity that helps people understand and recognize your product and you get protection from copyright and no one other than you can use your identity.

Once you expanded you product to more audience it will help to establish a brand

Personal identity - makes people to recognise and share your product with others does enabling free advertising.

- Commericial Purposes

Once you created a logo then it will help you to use commercialy anywhere in the world with copyright protection.

Add it your product or portals and sell or use wherever you want to get product and grow product view and sells growth.

- Brand

Once you create logo to your product then once it good response then you'll achieve brand value once it created it will help your product growth then there is logo to recognise and expand.

 - Advertising is one of the most important things for any product advertising as it creates personal identity to get people reach.

- A eye catch logo is what needed for a good company to get attention so create a good logo from big company to small company everyone focus on logo and main example is apple - apple is one of the unique logo that they brainstormed to create.

- A logo of PC won't fit for a smartphone take care of logo either that fits your product or not.

- Once you make a logo and everything set then if you find any mistake but lately you found that logo after establishing good response then it will be issue as it create issue wit lh recognise don't modify a lot give more time on logo making once perfect then expand.

Logo making is very important for many
reasons so follow the above mentioned information for a better product or logo.