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How Important Is UI&UX Design ?

How Important Is UI&UX Design ?

If i say ui & ux then it will be before and after gui - graphical user interface.

Yes, GUI changed the future of technology and related fields with a revolutionary software architecture GUI.

Company's like ibm or the old computers used to be operated via commands using keyboard and then a american based startup company has developed a software that the files and resources that available in computer can be seen have a visual appeareance and modify or change with a completely new graphical user interface.

Before, as we earlier said computers operated through commands and it's not user friendly and if you really insist to do a hard task then you need a expertise and it's not something that available for everyone and being used.

We know that apple revolutionized many things interms of mobile sector and it's not limited to that, Steve jobs brought the gui company and used it in the product macintosh and it's a big success.

Ok, let's see what are UI & UX

UI - User Interface

UX - User Experience

Simple right, but this things are very important in the technology that we have today most of the things that we do is linked to it.

User Interface :-

From the software that you use right now either a pc or android or any other.

Have thier own layout and it's own visual and usage appearance and it varies from company to company and developers.

Every company's software product has it own user interface according to thier needs and requirements and strategies.

Like android has different layout and iphone have its own ui both change interms of look and usability and they apt the product software ui according to hardware model for a better output and uniqueness

From every app, site, software or anything digital layout has its own flavor and mainly developer focus on both ui/ux for a better product.

How Important Is UI :-

User Interface - if we have a close look at these companies google, apple, microsoft these companies have thier own mobile sector and thier have thier own version of software and and adapted to thier system.

Google takes ui importantly as they change and update thier ui of most products they release.

Like, if we see the search engine they changed layout several times and worked on ui for adapting to new feature they implement on products.

If we take example of one product from different companies.

- Google, Apple, Microsoft.

• Google - Google Assistant

• Apple - Siri Voice Assistant

• Microsoft - Cornova

If we see these products from these three tech giants three of them have different in ui even though three of them runs on single technology AI but they made thier customisation's to adapt to thier features and requirement.

the better the ui the better will be the output of product and it will get noticed and get attention from public if the product get public notice then product get popularity and rise revenue or the thing that required for developer or company.

Developers or company's take alot of time designing layout after getting a good ui still they need betterment of the product so company's and developers do survey's, take feedback, ask rating from the users for a better product.

How important Is User Experience :-

When it comes to user experience this is where company's spend billions of dollars and developers work all the time.

User Interface and User Experience both are same as the better the ui the better will be the user experience.

In simple, if ui is good then out of ux will be good when ux is good then the product get more rise interms of usage and engagement in the product.

When more usage and engagement of the product then company's or developers got what they wanted and required.

To keep up in this tech era, company's and developers work thier best using thier own tactics in terms of UI&UX.

If there is any company that spend alot ot time and effort on ux is google.

Google spend billons of dollors and put so much effort on thier product for a better ux.

Google use different coding languages to extend capabilities of product fot a better ui & ux.

If there is a success story of a company that sucess story that primary focus on ui&ux.

Then it will be Google 

Even the product that you released it has  even potential features or subject that need to be have a good ui & ux to expand and reach the product to more public

Conclusion : when the revolutionary gui comes in tech field everthing changed then and now and future and the products that based on gui has developed alot two things are ui&ux the better will the product that have the higher will be success.

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Tech Tracker  I'm Mark Evans From India, I Like Technology From Childhood Being Very Passionate To Read And Share Knowledge, We Made This Blog To Share With The Focus Of Sharing Technology Topics In Simplified Manner ��