How Oppo and Vivo work ?

Oppo and Vivo being known for Chinese company as we know chinese products are less price compared to other as thier productivy or labour wages less and competition will rise everyday.

How Oppo and vivo standout in this competive budget and technology ers will be intresting as thier approach and strategic are not new but guarantee of sells.

Oppo and vivo primarly focus on camera as camera and charging thet try thier best to add some fancy names to the camera and sell them to camera oriented people even though there is okish features and many people just wanted good camera over else and it worked as oppo and vivo is not single brand they have thier own sub-brands for several categories, like for camera, budget, premium unlike samsung oppo and vivo lauch the sub-brands with other name real me and popularise it and make it big slowly.

How camera is selling point.

As we earlier said, it become very easy as non-tech oriented people primarly wanted camera and screen to be bigger even though of not having idea about other things in phone this thing really
works very well in india and camera oriented people as the camera oriented gender ratio is higher in female as technology consciousness low.

In terms of india, india being growing very fast interms of manufactures or producing and smartphone userbase as india was one of the second largest population country it is very easy to get your product sell if it make sense what the public wanted unlike other others where public highly prefer samsung, iphone, or sony over other as the cost of smartphone is still 10k INR in india.

However oppo and vivo not only focused on camera devices they tried to get more improvisation to launch a better device not only interms of camera but also other features like charging oppo being very known for flash charging technology that can easily charge above 50% in 30 as this technology is well worked them as primary factor for sells.

Stores, Oppo and vivo like to open thier own stores for better reach and availability to audience in india the audience buying in offline retail stores are still high even after digital india and other hot topics like Xiaomi suprises.

Oppo and vivo collabarating with India's retail stores like big c, Sangeetha mobile and other retail outlets to get selled thier product over others by giving more selling profit margin as the sellers show oppo and vivo over other and get them selled to other by applying building brand value honey typical words on features.

Oppo and vivo like to advertise as they banners can be very high not only collobarating with big retail outlets oppo and vivo like to give advertising either in television , banners infront of mobile stores giving more profit margin to mobile store owners for a better sells.

Oppo and vivo try to get fancy designs into the market as they know design plays a major role even in a featureless phone oppo and vivo try to ressemble iphone and it does helped alot as many people who like apple designs like to but this phone instead and only interms of design oppo and vivo replicate an android version of iOS software.

Pricing, as compared to other devices, oppo and vivo try to sell at higher price higlighting camera and it does worked in markets like india, Brazil, china,

And this factors really worked for for them as more camera oriented and design oriented people grows and until female gender ratio of choosing smartphone for camera not decrease oppo and vivo doesn't have any issue and these companies do provide good okish features.

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