How To Improvise Agriculture In India ?

India is the one of that majorly
dependent on argriculture as it was the primary work for people from decades and its goes on from then.

But due to people migrating for a better education and infrastructure or can be chasing their dreams coming and developing other sectors has been started. 

It I's the country that reached agriculture today lagging in front of some developed country even being having highest young ratio.

Reason of India's Agricultural Down ?

• Previous Government's

• Migrating For Education And Infrastructure

• Technology Era For Different Jobs

• Industrialization For Company's

• Real Estate 

• Education 

Lack of using agricultural technology in large area
and not providing necessary things for people.

What Government Need To Do ?

Being knowing agriculture is the primary work for most of the people in villages.

Things that government didn't started and failed ?

• No promoting agriculture and its benefits.

• Educating people regarding agriculture.

• Proving necessary benefits or encouragement to farmers.

• Providing decent profit margin for both farmer and retailer.

• Giving loans at lesser prices, and educating farmers regarding new techquies in farming.

• Importanting agriculture technology from other country like USA

• Providing necessary technical equipment for free of cost or less prices.

• Providing seeds and pesticides at less prices and banning company's which do not follow or fake seed company's completely.

• integrating agriculture knowledge into app or through toll free no for no education people to understand grow their plantation.

• Increasing agriculture education colleges and making them equal to other courses.

• Providing exgratia to farmers who got damaged their plantation for several reasons either due to weather or anything.

• Support from government and educating farmers regarding direct export and import.

• establishing industries can by products and expanding their product.

• Development and support to farmers giving benefits for entrepreneurship.

This things are not done perfectly and can be said negligence from previous government is seen.

But this mistakes has been fixing by today's India government at good speed with necessary schmes including ordering states to concentrate more on development of agriculture.

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