How To Convert Website To Apps ?

Do you have a website and you want to extend it to more popular portals like android or iOS then definitely either you need to build a mobile app to get it uploaded in playstore or appstore.

Mobile app gives more easy access to users and give more potential to get good and easy user experience.

Not only increasing the website audience but also website brand value and reputation and with ranking benefits.

Now, we have alot of ways to make a android app for a website and many coding languages are being used for several reasons.

Likely, today java, kotlin, javascript, python are being most used coding languages for better functionality and features with performance.

If we go back to a decade go that the tools that we have today are not existed and now we have many automatic technology like ai to get more out of technology.

This way, website to app in online is not a big deal.

Yes, it's possible to make website converted to app and that to within minutes of time.

Ok, let's see how to make website to app follow the below methods and successfuly create a website into app 

Before getting started to the steps some websites that we mention do convert but they offer paid and free to. 

Check out the below sites #

- Go

If you are looking for quality with customisation the go is best choice with 100% assurance of google play compatibility.

If you are looking for making a iOS app then also it was the one of the site that provides free conversation to iOS apps to.

• Go to -

• Type in your website url

• Tap on build and do customisation with plenty of features.

• Now tap on build once you set everything you app will be send to your email shortly.

• Native Add-ons

• 100 Automated 

• Full source code 

• Automatic Updating 

• Enterprise Friendly.

- Web2Apk

If you are really wanted to just want a apk version of your website doesn't need any customisation then Web2Apk do the work instantly.

Just Enter Your Site Name 

• Enter Your Custom Package Name

Enter Your Email Address

Hoila, Now you instantly created a app in one tap.

- App Penguin

• Go to -

• Enter Your App Name

• Enter Your Email Addres

• Enter Your App URL


Get your download link in your inbox.

Extra :-

- Web 2 Apk Builder

if you are looking for some custmaomisation and wanted professionalism then web2apk gives alot of features and it's simple and not required any coding.

• it's free 

• No coding required
• No Branding 

• Admob Intergration

• Google Play Compatible 

• Native Javascript API's

Download the software from the link below #

These are some ways that you can easily make a website into app with guarantee of google play support for free in online.

If you have any issues comment down below ?

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