How To Edit Apps In Android ?

Android is one of the most popular software in 
the world, there is no doubt about it.

It is not just limited to that android has one of the largest library of apps and billions of downloads in PlayStore.

The language that android supports is java to edit android in advanced you need to have good idea about java or anyother language that supports.

We are going to provide you an simple and good way to edit any app file ends with .apk.

All of the apps must needed to be in .apk format else the method won't work !

You can do editing in PC easily in detail but you don't yet have power full application's in android

However there some ways to do edit in android in advanced stage but we are going to mention only one method that we works flawlessly, that no new alternative necessary.

- Apk Editor

If you wanna edit .apk files in android, than one of the best way to edit files on the go with the app is
simple with clean user interface and ux.

App loaded with all major features to edit, analyse or to change or modify any particular file that you insisted to.

- App can edit almost any .apk format file no size limit.

- App can change package name without root

- Translate Strings

- Remove Ads

- Replace Default Icons

- Redesign Layouts

Some features works without root and some features require root compulsory.

You can edit full resource of app to rebuild , and you can do comman edit like changing package name, replace icons, app name, easily.

But till now, " XML Edit Feature Is In Beta "

For editing data of any applications, you need to have root access to gain extra resources to app to do this data editing stuff in android.

However, you can do this data editing without root in PC.

You can do reverse engineering easily with this app if you do the things right.

Apk Editor has been removed from playstore till now reason is unknown either developer done or playstore.

You can still download latest version of apps from secured third part sites.

Download the file from above link or sites and Install it in your android.

If you encounter app not installed or any thing.

Go to - Settings - Apps - Unknown Resources 

Enable the option and re-install to get it installed.

Now enjoy editing apps in android flawlessly.

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