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How To Install PSP Games In Android : Complete Guide - 2020

How To Install PSP Games In Android ?

Do you ever wanted to play psp games or do you don't have budget, you wanna play psp games in your android than it's may not possible to play fluidly and complete support like in playstation but you can play most psp games in your android with good Ram and Rom Support.

Yes, You Can Play PSP Games In Android.

Hurray 🍭

After release of android no one ever think of playing a psp game even possible but later years developer made it possible and made an emulator to get psp games work on android.

Let's see the complete guide, 

• 1 First go to playstore and install ppsspp emulator and there are two versions gold and normal choose the free one both are same but if you wanna support developer you can choose gold version.

• 2 After installing ppsspp, there will be visible of your folders in your device, give necessary permissions that app required.

• 3 After launching apps there will be no games as there are some test games that you can try in emulator.,

•4 Now to install games, psp emulator only support psp 1 games and run mediocre based on the device that you have.

•5 Now go to emuparadise.com and tap on psp games or search for you favorite psp game.

•6 Now choose anyone of the psp game and choose usa version for global support.

•7 Then download the game completely it's either in .zip or .rar format and compressed.

•8 After that inside the .zip or .rar files there will be an ISO file that we need to run on ppsspp emulator.

9 To extract the file that we downloaded, now we need a file manager that support, you can choose you own file manager, we suggest zarchiver as it supports best extractor and compression ratio.

•10 To install Zarchiver - Go to playstore and search for zarchiver and install it.

11 After installing zarchiver open the app and navigate to the file that you earlier downloaded.

•12 Now Create a folder named psp games or something as per your liking for better navigation and usability in your home directory.

•13 Now tap on the file open with zarchiver and navigate to the first rar file and open it and search upto bottom for the .iso file.

•14 After finding the .iso in your .rar or .zip file now tap on iso file and extract it to your favourite location in your internal or external storage.

•15 After getting the .iso file now you can easily play the game in your ppsspp emulator.

•16 Now open the ppsspp emulator app and navigate to the .iso file that we earlier extracted.

•17 You will see the game thumbnail and tap on it and start playing...🍭

Now, will suggest you some sites, that you can download psp games.

1. Emuparadise.com 

Emuparadise supports and provide almost all emulators files in regional and global versions also available with good download speed and amazing ui.

2. Freeroms.com

Best alternative to emuparadise and provide most
roms available in market with huge collection of other emulator games to.

3. Coolroms.com

A wide collection of psp games and good mobile version view to download easily.

4. Romsmode.com

Download psp games from this site.

5. Downloadroms.io

A huge collection of psp emulator games for pc, mac, android.

Now, after downloading you favorite game from this site's or any other site or you have favorite game.

Now let's know about .iso formats.

There are two formats in .iso 

- iso 

• Normal psp format no touch ups.

- cso
• compressed format of .iso most compressed .iso files can be seen very less in size.

You can search in google for cso files you may find your favourite game that may be already compressed so you can alot of data if you are using mobile connection.

Recommended Filemangers -

Most file mangers with extract feature work for this above mentioned method but if your file or you phone is less processor and speed.

We suggest you to use zarchiver or rar from playstore or 7zip or any other apps.

For better compression or extraction rate and wide support of encoding into the format you needed and support for almost all formats.

Suggested Games - 

Psp games are countless and for android there are alot and most of them do work based on the device atleast 4gb ram with 32gb of storage and atleast a 625 chipset do play alot of psp games.

Naruto Shippuden


Dragonball Z - Shin Budokai

4. Ghost Busters.

Assasins Creed - Bloodline's

Ben 10 Omni-Verse

God of War - Chain of Olympus

God of War - Chain of Olympus Ultra

This are some of our psp suggestions if you are new to ppsspp this games work in most devices.

If you want some collection of compressed psp .cso games - check the below link 🍭


Then, Now after directly either downloading .iso or .cso you don't need to extract as it's not a compressed format.

Now you need to setup ppsspp emulator settings for better speed or fluidness refer to this article -

Will update artcile for settings soon.

Now, start playing games... Enjoy🍭

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Tech Tracker  I'm Mark Evans From India, I Like Technology From Childhood Being Very Passionate To Read And Share Knowledge, We Made This Blog To Share With The Focus Of Sharing Technology Topics In Simplified Manner ��