How To Play Nintendo 3ds Games In Android ?

Do you ever wanted to play Nintendo games ? do you want to play nitendo games in android then either you need a Nintendo console or a emulator most of the 2d nitendo games are so popular that you have to most of the games in playstore but something is missing ?

Do you know ?

It's the upgraded version of nitendo and called 3d and it have its own nitendo roms and simulates most popular games like supermario and sonic dash and many more games in 3d with own flavor to it.

If you are familiar with nitendo you definitely know that nitendo is one of the most popular video game company popularly revolutionized gaming with a simple game called pin.

However, the nitendo games are easily available as we have so many emulator and resources and mainly due to popularly we have android games to.

But, nitendo 3d is not yet official nor unofficial not available in smartphone either in android or iOS or anyother.

Nitendo fans and video gamers waited a long time eagerly to get hands on 3d of nitendo but as popularity and buzz circles in internet more people got attention to it and fake videos got into youtube.

But, however after years of wait and fake stuff finally in the month of sep 2019 unofficial port of Citra which runs 3ds games in android If you are familiar with nitendo or you are fan of nitendo 3ds games but there is a drawback before that you can only play 3ds games in pc.

Due to limitation's and resources being not available and insufficient work up does made none available to android.

But, now you can play this nitendo games in android to.

After alot of wait, now it's possible to play nitendo 3ds games with the following emulators.

Let's get started.

- First, go to browser and search for Nintendo 3ds games 

- These are some websites that provide Nintendo 3ds games 

• Check the links below

Now, Go to browser and search for Nintendo 3ds android emulator.

Citra 3ds Emulator

You can download ported from multiple websites.

Now use this link : 

To download citra emulator and once, Downloaded.

Open the emulator and download roms
From the site we provided.

Once you open you get both internal and external will be shown and navigate to where you downloaded nitendo 3ds rom 

But wait, you may need to extract the zip use ant file manager we suggest zarchiver and open it and copy or cut the 3ds file to desired location.

Once done, comeback to citra emulator and navigate to the file which you extracted from zip.

Tap on the rom and play nitendo 3ds games.

Note : Not all games are supported most games will lag due to early stage of 3ds developement that to it's a port so it won't work as we have in 3ds pc.

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