Our Choice Of Gallery App's 

A powerful smartphone with a feature less stock gallery app won't make sense and if you insist some better or
alternative to stock app then there are wide range of gallery we will provide and suggest some gallery apps that you may like as we selected after using and testing carefully.

1. Quickpic

Simple and clean witn added features from clean master antivirus company as it was purchased Quicpic do provide alot of features in clean UI Supports google drive and just 5mb sizem


2. Gallery Go

Are you looking for something
alternative to photos then gallery go can be a good alternative and with clean look of go oriented and limited and useful features. check them out


3. Simple Gallery 

Simple Gallery can be alternative to your stock gallery app if you are looking for simple and clean with minimal features added editor then simple gallery is a go choice.


4. Piktures

If you are looking for q totally different ui with bright colors then piktures definately apt for that and we suggest you to try if you are coming from stock gallery looking for alternative you many like it.


5. Moto Gallery App

From officially from motorola mobility llc. A simple and feature oriented gallery app and mainlight is it does have video mute option.


Extra -

Sony Gallery App

If you like sony and try the gallery then there it's also available in playstore if your device won't search google you can find many apps


This are some gallery choice of ours will add more soon if you have any suggestion comment down below...

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