Reality of Indian media ?

Do you ever seen such news that ghost roamed on roads in india or do you ever seen such news that ghost will come to your home if you don't put not today tommorow infront of your home then you can see these kind of news only in india..πŸ˜‚

India media have large population to entertain as population grows viewrship increase it will be very usful if they could entertain large audience as it will increase more views and trp rating's

To increase trp's of any channel programme should have to be liked by audience either make them in such way to get attention through several
ways that only indian medias do.

Here we list some things that only can be seen in
Indian media and Indian media journalism.

Before we get started there is only reality things will be shared with reference either we don't have
any intention to discriminate or hateful speech 
something like that to anyone person or channel and no offense to any channels that working with true journalism and sincerity.

India media...

Breaking news for almost all time, well of you switch and go to something youll get loudy sounds for sill reason like to a celebrity marriage they will shout like something gone wrongπŸ˜‚

Putting bloody and scary titles to almost every programme that make no sense to even topic 
Journalism is something that should awake consciousness and grow knowledge on certain important or socially responsible topic to viewers and giving guarantee of helping people at any time.

Indian media will even telecast a certain popular show for hours even taught some other important
stuff that are generally people need to ware off.

I don't know if they really interested in projecting some useful news atleast the farmers used to get
more attention from public than reality shows.

Doing journalism on biased to some party or some organization it is really needed to be corr-cted taking money from certain party and proje-cting them according to thier intention and projecting other party badly and decreasing public image of the person badly to get personal or political gain.

Yes, india media mainly focus on politics and even the government going on if the investor is
from personal party or either some political leader have share than more probably the news is biased to that party member.

Using digital technology that reach huge audience has to be responsible else the consequences would be high even it is fine they do not educate
people instead focusing on certain topic and increasing emotion of public by potraying ceratin
part of a story heavily indept of audience to create unnecessary disturbance within religion within community or between or country even there is no strong reason.

When the name indian media there are several states that have thier modification and run on several things based on the time and issue.

Journalism is the thing that needed to say certain matter straight forward clearly and in understanding way to public over taking a statement adding thier own tunes and touchups for a uneccesary psychological misconception in a true way has been regularly deploying in indian media.

As we earlier said every state media have thier own agenda and change time to based on government influence and political power and some do work completely biased to certain party.

Example : a political party banned internet in some locations to ensure security to nation on based on severap reason to keep safe public from uneccesary hatred or either hatred transfers could be limited to not disturb community or nation integrety.

Let's see they are two party's - B1 or C1

B1 has banned internet connection at certain states for ensuring integrity and for safety of nation.

C1 instead of understanding the reason of the issue trying to create nuisance over certain and modifying and creating uneccesary hated towards party either to get community or religion votebank.

This is the reason government put certain rules to media to do not touch sensitive issues.

Instead the media used thier techniques or tricks to portray a certain person or a law in a ways that could increase hatred and getting disturbance to cause damages to public prop

After not only being done with this another thing that most people faced from india putting non topic and catchy thumbnail for uneccesary reasons and mainly that thumbnail do not match to the content.

This is disgusting, a true journalist have to never
mislead people to uneccesary topics that they do
not wanted or interested to see this media channels create channels in social media like youtube facebook, mainly we can see this things from a large subscribe base channel is silly.

Debates - whatever debate that has to be to done
silienty and point the topic that they showed instead debating loudly no control over participants and not participants themself in control does making no clear summary has been able to understand to public from 2hr debate is easily seen.

It's not yet over, biased to certain participants and blocking participants from saying and trying to mute audio of certain participants who have right points that could awake people.

Advertisments yeah there is no responsibility a little as even the product or a agency that has bad image there is nothing that some indian channels don't care about it.

Example : let's see state of Telangana has been suffering from suicides from several students for a seperate state telagana.

Well well definately they covered this thing instead of creating news that could awake people to realise what's happening they created unnecessary competiton between states and political party's between people increasing trp rates.

One thing if the media has been showed the program clean and clearly without raises emotions between states and public and disturbing young minds that have political back gestures and making more people got into emotional.

Yes everyone should have pride of state and don't have to forget that we are Indian's and you know that the streams that played from media has been primary reason that many lives has gone.

If there is any topic that have link between states and people has to bee handled maturely instead actively telecasing on screen suicides giving hyperactive titles and disturbing emotionally.

Yes the state that Telangana people insisted that has to be projected in a mature ways and awakening through the words.

We seen from freelance journalist who done better than indian media company's.

If we talk about errors and mistakes that india media not all channels and many of them do journalism approach to trp rating's instead maturely understanding the complete reality of subject that they are dealing with and it outputs.

Education system being worse in india there are so many committee has started from state to central and none of the comitee reports had been implemented by schools or college's instead making the thing that has to be said to public they do advertising of schools and colleges that run on fake identites and being reason for several student suicides.

Entertainment over news is considered most and more run time to entertainment if we see most channles who are biased to certain channel if any movie releases that topic will be hot-topif from starting of poster release to ending of box offoce collection everthing will be telecast.

But education debates the comitee reports....a big no that will be only telecasted when one suicide or some suicides and will be televased for week later forgoteen.

Let's see how journalism should be :

Journalism gives power to common man to raise questions on authority or bodies and even a small
problem that being raised in a ward has to be sealed carefully and every person voice has to reach public irrespective of religion, caste, or political party and that has to be said maturely and clearly in a responsible way after understanding subject instead creating misconception among people on based of small group or members that have potential of reaching to state through media portal.

Journalism : simply truth and being dar to project or potray topics that even though have personal damage to public to ensure safety of public and other country, state, religion or caste.

Understanding and taking everyone and being available to public and being not biased to large community over small community and has to be same power to individual person to defend or riase and questions to a bigger political party or large audience.

Finally, truth, dare, straight forward, understanding, analysing clearly for safety of nation and power to every individual person.

There are bad and good in indian media but there is more bad and less matter is high that has be to fixed and above example's define it

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