Interesting...Journey of Google, 

Have you ever wondered, even though there are 1000's of search engines, none of the really used
and got popular like google.

Now you'll know, we try to provide an simple and 
most comprehensive info. 

How, why, now, before, and future of google.

It is very well known fact that google search is the
most popular and most used search engine in the
world being the one of the oldest and most techy
search engine you ever seen.

Even though there is numerous searchines from tech giants like microsoft - bing, Yahoo still google become top most used service than anyother.

Here, why google do not limited to just search engine they builded thier own data data centers and used thier own bots and used machine leaening techniques to get faster page load and accurate search result.

Even though being one of the finest search engine they keep on updating and upgrading time to time
optimizing and adding several other services just
being not limited to search sake.

Internet need things that can make possible physical works in digital forms, internet should not needed to be limited to search results and information and other added services that could change human daily life and future of technology.

Here where google steps are in right direction just not only being search engine they developed other services and integrated into google does it can become a well builded web ecosystem thrive for years.

Google added services like :   Gmail, Maps, Earth
YouTube, Translate, Adsense, Docs, Notes, Gdrive
Google Assistant, Google Images, Shopping,

And Android... One of the most used and most available software to experience google services and features.

Google flourish interms of software with the reso-
urces that they have can make a amazing product
output that hardware.

Like google camera use artificial intelligence and software image processing with google algorithm
to give an accurate image through the camera.

Unlike other search engines, google connected every physical assistance work in digital form with top notch quality thus enabling such ability and capability into digital screens made people company's, corporations and everyone to be in
ter connected and today that services made completely dependent on internet.

Google like to simply the hard things through the services, there are several email clients but being
most popular one was gmail it's no wonder you have multiple Gmail's ids for many works does making I'd to authorise services that they offer is major keypoint of google success.

Yes, for almost every service that you use need google account to be used to authorise and use services it's no big deal as most of the services do need for security and privacy of the user.

YouTube never ever people even taught something like this could popup in internet google made that possible, video sharing site...made something like seach engine and revolutionized everything it made something like this without youtube you can't even live so many people depended on youtube.

Google, adsense integrating youtube with adsense to enable users to earn throught so more and more paid lectures or education could come up for free through digital video advertisement"s one of the major prime reason of youtube success.

Adsense, first available to earn via websites later integrated to other services that google provide.

Admob for applications that run on android that google made to use thier earn through it.

Google Assistant : to get information with voice book appointments, calls, ask questions, chat with bot everything with voice does enabling user interaction with technology, simplifying and making useful to visually impaired persons.

Required info before we dive in to the the actual important effects that google made.

Google is an American multinational technology company.

Founders: Larry PageSergey Brin

Founded: September 4, 1998; 21 years ago 

in Menlo Park, California, U.S

Number of employees: 114,096 (Q3 2019)

Revenue: 66,001,000,000 US dollar (2014)

Google was originally Called. Back sometime in the late '90s, later larry page and sergey brin were two PhD students at Stanford. They had been working on a search engine and had given it the name BackRub.

Credits : Wikipedia

First and foremost google use programming languages and technology's for thier produts either cloud computing, machine learning, Ai -
Artificial Intelligence, and code languages like c++, javascript, python, ruby and java kotlin etc
based on the product and usages for a better release.

Like google search engine, developed primary on c++ later added several other code languages to make flexible and updated time to time.

Java being only used to build apps later kotlin used for a better output.

content management system like wordpress, use php, but blogger use python reason is simple python have capibilty and flexibility to do the works that google insisted.

Important note : python founded before google but google popularised it using code languagss into the services.

Finally, google use languages based on the products and outcomes focusing on reliability simple and future driven system ensuring quality and usability.

Even though, google ecosystem made world inter-
linking services each other does made possibility to attach every physical needed work into digital and easy form enabling and making people completely dependent on technology and it's services.

From time to robotic calls using technology at large and we'll formed way is very experienced in it .

Even though google is top notch and services and upcoming products and technology are future driven there is some criticism regarding security and privacy.

Like for example, google photos, google cache given you an cached version of your site to load if your site is down or most recent versions of site deleted or not live. 

Google photos integration with google algorithm and artificial intelligence to automatically edit or make a better output picture.

Some criticism regarding search results,  logging etc...

It's not an right argument it is not a big deal that some one hacked and getting your privacy then google looking at your data for personal reason individually google just use the data to improvise and add features that could make more simple there is no individual monitoring google doesn't even need to do that it's already become a big search engine giant.

Google being very good at using technology either modifying or creating, buying the products that have potential to lead the world like youtube

• Google Search Engine : Search Results

Google Gmail - Email Client

Google - Maps

• Google - Translator

• Google : Docs

• Google : Earth

• Google : Blogger

• Google : News

• Google : Notes

• Google : Finance

• Google : Maps

• Google : Drive

• Google : Shopping 

• Google : Books

• Google : Hangouts

• Google : Amp

Each of the above products that google provide is revolutionising and future driven products either each of the product have equal significance and usage to connect the world does for that just needed an search.

Unlike other company's google updated time to time in thier journey, used resources they have later created thier own resouces buyed the pot-
ential products that have capibilty, improvised thier products and added services, made simple
with huge capibilty, interconnected services and connected the world with the services and become a trend setting and revolutionized comapny.

Google is not limited to its search engine extended the capabilities that chande the world and being the top search engine.

Conclusion : Journey begin like every normal company founders never thought that after years google become a company like this, worked, used resources, modified, updated, upgraded, add services, buyed potential products, made resources and being updated interms of using and creating new things interconnected services thier potential services connect the world and can be said make them dependent thier simplicity and quality and potential features made today's...


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