Hi, do you likely to start a youtube channel or to improvise then wait read our tips & trips and make a wonderful youtube channels in very less time.

It is useful to share your content and knowledge using YouTube throught out the world, but there are alot of channel and get views and subscribers there is alot of things that you need to keep in mind and improvise your channel accrording to it.

Let's see the tips that will improve your channel.

Tip #1

Channel Name : First things that you have take care of is to use a channel name that suits you channel and make good structure and sound.

Likely using techytimes instead technology times.

would give you a better output and less length and good sound.

Take sometime and create a good username that youtube only accept limited change requests up
to 3 for 90days.

Tip #2

Description : Yes, Give a good
description that apt your work of channel and provide brief explanation that definately make people to see more of your content and do provide contact information for further support or questions and provide bussniess
email looks professional.

Tip #3

Logo : Creating a good logo gives you a seperate identity and brand take some time and build a good logo that apt your channels and a perfect size cover picture to look good and clean.

Tip #4

Custom Link : After creating youtube channel you will have default channel url go to youtube setting in desktop and change the url to short and cool.

Custom url have many benefits as it's give short and exact name of your channel.

YouTube Needs atleast 100 subscriber base to get a custom url.

Tip #5

Videos : Give good time in producing quality and informative videos and take some sufficient time in editing and publish.

Tip #6 

Intro : Make a good intro for your channel for videos as it will become professional vibe in your channel there are numerous softwares available and if you want to create online there are cool websies to do but most websites have watermark for free video if you want no watermark you can put but looks really cool and professional.

You can make free intro's to on your own either in kinemaster or free intro making software or apps.

Tip #7

Outro - As important as intro, make an good outro that end of your video with show casing your social media
usernames that gives good recognition and reach to your users.

Tip #8

If your are creating teaching videos or online tutorials : moovly.com provides good features you can use whichever you like.

Whatever category you are working on use a good software that have potential to edit more.

Tip #9

Camera : if you are making direct interactive class or teaching or gaming or any kind of physical appearence videos choose a good camera if you are
are a vlogger use a gimbal if it doesn't fit use stabilization software or use a camera that have high stability.

Tip #10

Create video starting intresting & ending interesting as make your videos interacting with your audience does boost your audience feel more channel centric.

Tip #11

Create a website in the name of your channel and add in your description and video, do active in It does give good reputation and fan base.

These are some tips that give a good visibilty and pro look to you channel.

Tip #12

Don't ever use sub4sub or any other yotube detets spam subscribe and it can block your channel.

However, your content should be unique, interesting and quality for growth.

Tip #14

Create live streams for your videos so it can give audience to chat and do live streams to answer on questions or to interact with viewers.

Tip #15 

Keep consistency, yes upload atleast 3 videos in a week with good quality and content.

Finally, Quality over Quantity and Be Consistent.


Trick #1

Description : Give a good length of description of your videos and provide links for products that use.

Trick #

Watermark : Add watermark to your videos even though youtube algorithm can detect most copyright videos and you ability to strike.

If your content embedded or used somewhere you can get direct audience to your channel with watermark.

Trick #3

Use udemy.com or some tutorial website there are free and paid tutorial available to improve youtube channel use them.

Trick #4

Advertise : Yes, even after giving good content still your not getting attention or youtube not display then advertise with website and youtube channels or partner with fellow youtuber's to increase subs and views.

These are some tricks that can be useful we will add more soon.

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