Weekly Apps - #3

1. Boost+

Boost+ developed by HTC corporation and released to playstore, so if you want to experience an cleaning and app lock app from a phone.

2. Mixplorer

If you searching for a file manager for your phone then this app can become an replacement as it offers several features that most stock file managers doesn't have in build it does have addons to get extra features.

Not Available In PlayStore. 

3. Remove & Add Watermark By Water Inc

Do you want to remove or blur a certain part of video then this app does the job as it offers an easy interface and fast rendering with a good output.

4. Video Cutter

There are several video editing apps available, but this app provides easy and provides good features all in all in one a must try.

5. Lit Photo

Do you wanna compress an image are you trying to install several PC softwares, then wait these app provides you to easily compress any images as much as possible.

6. UltraSurf

Are you looking for an VPN App for privacy and security then this app provides you simple and fast VPN for free, Must Try.

7. Video Compressor - By Mel Studio Apps

Do you want to compress video or a movie either for YouTube or any other.. This app will do all the work no heavy task or download size, less size plenty of features.

8. Kernel Adiutor 

You can tweak your phone kernel and CPU or GPU anything on you kernel, you can increase batter life all just you need an rooted device.

9. Yousician - An Award Winning Music App

Do you wanna learn music with guitars and instruments than this app is a very good choice.

10. Las Pass Password Manager 

Are you bore remembering passwords or are you setting same password's don't worry this app will manage your password with assurance of privacy and security and have tons of features.

These Are Some Interesting And Useful Apps That We Found Today, Enjoy 😎

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