What Is Kai Os ?

Do you ever wondered about the name Kai Os - if your hearing this word then definitely it's the mania created by jio phone.

Kai Operating System :-  

Unlike android or iOS Kai os runs on html apps with added libraries from android to support webview and related features.

Unlike, Java Or Symbian 

Kai os gives material design and look and feel of android and can be added apps easily into the store 

Java is a popular os and it's a big success reason is very simple used the popular mode made easy availabilty to public

 Got Success : )


Symbian is owned by nokia, the lack of support from third party developers and hard of making apps and no big push from nokia lesser apps.

 Got failed ;

Now Kai Os :-

Kais os runs apps based on html, css, javascript with some added library's from smartphone into a mobile screen to get compatibility of android.

So, as we know android is big success as they open source software wide apps support.

The same thing following by Kai os within focus of providing a good user interface in mobiles.

Mobiles are mostly used java some are just text based some are added colors.

It's does made buzz at start but it doesn't
impressed after time goes.

When something new is need Kai os appeared at right time when needed an alternative to java.

Yes, now Kai is being used by some popular com-
pany's to replace java or symbian.

UI & UX of Kai Os - 

We tested Kai os in jio phone as it's only the highest selled Kai os phone ever in world.

After testing, we felt really not bad it's fine and give good feel if you use for while, apps that give feel of android apps really suprise and mainly thr capabilities like in android gives a good capability to do more than usual unlike normal phones.

UI is Dope in its mobile segment never seen before but user experience do work but lags 
frame drops and sometimes reboots.

Won't make sense in a mobile phone these things are very rare in java or symbian not even seen.

But, as i said Kai os uses android libraries here where the issue that it's unable to handle thing
properly as it not released to most mobiles or smartphone like android.

Compatibility or can be said improper optimization or lack of development.

Overall, it's not bad works fine good in its own capabilities suprise and ui/ux felt amazing.

Kai os Competitor ?

As i said earlier, Kai os use android library to support things that smartphone supports.

Make it compatible to mobile's

Simple right ? Isn't but this things comes after decades and something new popup like this will be another suprise πŸ˜‚

Java and Symbian being ruled mobile operating system and it still being most used os.

Kai os Potential ?

Kai os recently being very popularised with jio 
Phone and mainly after getting such big hype from a well known company.

That to, being added to other mobile company's to get lower cost and being becoming Kai os.

I mean Kai os Powered Handset

Android libraries to give ui and javascript is most popular with html gives good load speed to sites and apps and run smoothly everywhere 

It's enough to say that Kai os have wide and great potential in upcoming years 

Being spotli

Why Kai Os Powered Handset ?

Kai os supports features and give good ui and ux and mainly faster in well Optimized devices.

Being available to some touch devices to but mainly focused on keypad devices.

But, if you are searching for an alternative to Kai os and wanted other than java and symbian and bored of android and want something new even its little hard at start if you use keypad and you don't want complete rely on everything.

Just for calls or day to use things Kai os being best on it's own.

Do you prefer Kai os ?

It depends, as i don't like keypads but don't think so android made it but yeah i love keypads just for games that who no one can forgets nokia

If you are just wanted an alternative for personal calls or anything secret or want for safety.

Kai os save your time with added features that may help you at sometimes.

Kai Os Compatibility Of Games ?

No big deal here : Games are normal and mostly like java or android but a asphalt version of themπŸ˜‚

Yes, most games are ok but gives good viewing angles and gameplay like coming from snake xenzia to dr.driving app.

Can Kai Os Replace Other Operating System's ?

No, i dont think so.. it need alot of development to first replace java later android and it's really very hard alot of work to needed to done to either consider it as alternative.

Can it replace iphone apple os πŸ˜‚ no ifans don't like they use apple for almost everything.

No criticism to apple they make thier best in thier own features.

Finally it's just operating system just to include in other it's not a smartphone company like android
or iOS.

Until it's have its own handset it may not replace or touch other operating system's

Conclusion : Java and Symbian are cool but symbian collapsed gradually but yeah java being still being popular and most used it's gone for decades something with name Kai os not DBZ Kai 🍭 it's name is Kai with added android libraries with good ui and fine ux overall a suprise and a okish features it's being best it's own and amazing but yeah own handset and development and mainly Optimization and some wonders like jio phone with potential of its own can make wonders.

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