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| Camera being the most important feature in any smartphone as the picture have to depend on software to give better output the inbuilt camera lags interms of quality so there are many third party camera app provides many features and better quality.

- Camera Apps

1. Google Camera

Google camera after official closing down from PlayStore in 2016 Gcam limited to pixel lineup, then devs ported it to other smartphones, today we have gcams for both 32bit and 64bit smartphones if you wanna download then go to this website -

2. Footej

Picked by us if you want something simple and clean camera with wide support then this can be choice.

3. Open Camera 

Open camera is a fantastic choice for advanced photography and simple.

4. Huji Camera

The camera with lens of 1998 era the vintage camera.

5. Moto Camera 2

From officially Motorola, with cool features and quality depends on your specs.

6. Angle Camera Lite

Advanced camera with angle, latitude, longitude in less mb 

7. Hedge Cam - 2

Simple camera and camcorder in size of 1.4mb.

8. Cameringo Lite

Cameringo is one the popular app in PlayStore with many trendy features.

9. Pixtica

Pixitica provides many amazing features for actibe camera users

10. 1998 Vintage Camera

From ffff apps, the look and photography of 1998.

These are our 10 camera apps that we found useful.

If you have any suggestions or queries you can comment down below.