Tech Tracker | From the times of sharing files with Bluetooth which got upgraded but it's not good solution for faster sharing then the hotspot sharing got popular which send bigger files in seconds or min's instead of hrs that Bluetooth old method takes. 

1. Share It

One of the most popular app which flourished for years then ads do got more than usual which made people to look for replacement, share it transfer files with good rate.

2. Files Go

From Google, Which can Clean Device unnecessary files and also can transfer files easily mainly no advertisements here.

3. Xender

If you are looking alternative other than google files or share it then this popular app can be a choice.

4. Jio Switch

From Reliance, Free, Secured, Transfer files from one phone to other.

5. Share Me ( Mi Drop )

Mi Share From Xiaomi which I's a system app from Xiaomi released in PlayStore as well.

6. Send AnyWhere

Easy Quick And Unlimited File Sharing.

7. Zapya

File Transfer Too

8. Easy Share - ViVO

From Vivo, File And App Transfer App

9. EasyShare - Mobile 

Easy Share For File Transfer Easily.

10. InShare - InShot. inc

From Transfer Files And Apps.

These are 10 file sharing apps that we found useful.

If you have any suggestions or queries you can comment down below.