Tech Tracker | PDF Reader Is one of the important tool in today world, worlds most available knowledge available in PDF and that format can easily be viewed with reader so having such app in your android is useful.

- PDF Reader Apps

1. Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader

Adobe most popularly known for photoshop editor has strong hold on PDF technology as it made them first priority reader app over other.

2. Google PDF Reader

If you didn't liked adobe, then google PDF reader comes in, simple and clean.

3. Xoda PDF Reader & Editor

Xoda PDF comes with both reader and editor functionality.

4. Wps PDF

Wps PDF supports PDF Reader 

5. PDF Reader Pro

All in one reader and support many PDF features.

6. PDF Reader And Viewer By Easy Inc

PDF Reader By Easy Inc, Supports many Features.

7. Reader Era

Epub, word, mobi, PDF supports most formats and read books and other files easily.

8. iLovePDF

IlovePDF is one of the PDF Reader App that gives simple and clean functionality.

9. PDF Reader - Moenwa

A PDF Reader Support.

10. Plite PDF Reader

One of the most feature full PDF reader app, Must Try.

Note : The no. ranking doesn't reflect any app usability, you have to choose according to your requirement.

These are 10 PDF Reader apps that we found useful.

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