How To Write Article For Blog ?

Do you want your article's indexed by google as there is bigger competitions from various big sites that have less alexa rank and great page authority.

In the competive web world do your website article get a chance of indexing in google before we dive into things we like to go to this article : 
and get a brief idea how to optimize your site for seo.

Once you setup your website optimized for seo now the major keyrole point is writing an article that can make your link indexed on top of results for the keyword.

• Writing article on unique subjects and topic which have potential to glide up 
It is very important to write your own unique content in your own style without copying or ressembling someone article explanation as google like unique content and world's like to.

• Some seo experts says linkbuilding will make google to rank the link on search as google used bot named spider to check using algorithm 

Our opinion : this may be possible but there are alot of sites that we seen that doesn't refer any links first in search result and most of the sites doesn't even have higher page rank or popular.

• google works on simplifying things that which article get good response will get ranked in result as google wanted to solve searchers to fix there issue as soon as possible, so writing article that fix issues or problems easily.

• Writing article which need to have above 1000 words as per google.

• Writing with good heading and ending with good conclusion gives pro look for any article give a good summary to your article.

• Writing article that connect viewers to your website addinga good verbs and phrases.

• adding comment down below line to get viewers feedback, queries or suggestions does improve.

• Checking mistakes and correcting them.

• updating articles needed if needed or adding extra resources or refer links that can make viewers issue fixed.

• conveying article's simple than the competitors or any other as it's make major role for google and world to.

• Improving phrases structure and adding heading that require also adding bold to h1, h2, h3, h4 looks more professional and neccesary.

• highlighting important words in the article for better understanding.

• checking grammar and punctuation as there are some online tools that can automatically check grammer like and and you can search article grammer checker.

Tips for writing Article :-

• Be consistent in writing article as it slowly improve your structure and a popular quote : pratice makes perfect.

• Do some research or get your info points reanalyses before publishing.

• Read some articles written from popular writers and geeks.

• Be up to date in subjects that your blog based up on.

Finally recheck everything and correct the mistakes if there is any and publish them.