ech Tracker | Crypto Currency one of the leading digital currency in the world getting more attention these days from government's as it have both pros and cons it become a threat to real money so government's trying to get thier own digital currency's.

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However, there are some trusted wallets
which are flourishing and making them trustful to store digital currency like btc, ripple, litecoin, monero, etc and not only limited to that you can sell and trade to.

- Crypto Currency Wallet's

Block Chain being most popular wallet with 43 million users worldwide with best security features.

If you are looking for a alternative to block chain then coin base is good option which guarantees security and features.

My celium states faster transfers and best security features.

4. BitPay

Bitpay offers all wallet features and get a bitpay visa card If you want it. which is a beneficial thing.

Being trusted by 400,000 users and still growing and support all major Crypto Currency's

6. Enjin

UI is fabulous with many Bitcoin related feature for trading etc.

7. Zebpay

India's most popular btc wallet support all major Crypto Currency works with pan card only and you can enjoy all other feature seamlessly.

8. Edge

Edge formerly airdrift, you can buy and sell bitcoin's Included security features for a wonderful wallet.

Electrum being In this field from 2011 got amazing Bitcoin community offers feature rich and secure wallet.

Last but not least, magum wallet I's an all in one for buying and managing bitcoin.

This is our 10 Crypto Currency wallets that we found to be useful.

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