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| The times when getting a television is hard still there are very few channels that aired that to government channels and one or two private held channels being aired then slowly TV's got into every household then there is need of more popular as there is demand more bussinness people got invested in television sector as popularity and viewership grows then development of technical side of airing channels updated and improved timely.

Example : India got television lately but after getting so much popularity and demand the television sector boomed with multiple channels and today it does become fastest and most stable sector giving alot of employment.

India, if we compare television channels with today and 30years back then there is only two channels like doordarshan and then etv only available later now there are 1000's of channels doing 1000's of crores business.

Old days, its become hard to set the antenna to get channels in TV's which take signals from satellite which give signals to these antennas to watch channels due to change of satellites from one zone to other, antennas misconfiguration and no accurate tracking possibility and hardship of setting up antennas above homes and some critical injuries.

Then after government analysis then cable TV network got into households which provide you all the channels at some price in your network that change from one location to other as its completely based on tender basis.

Cable TV method instead of antennas signals will be transferred through cable wire then the cable TV status will have a big giant antenna which tracks signal accurate and with the station and through wires the viewers can now watch easily and conviently. 

But, even with the cable TV there are a lot of problems like getting uneccessary channels that you are not needed not getting some channels that you want and unstable signals, volume quality and picture quality and finally less options and less customization and if you won't pay your connection will be disconnected and you have pay again for reconnection which takes a lot of time and many more reasons.

So, to fix that dish TV comes into the scenario that company's instead of cable TV they provide you a setup box that cost you some bucks and you have to recharge it to enjoy the channels.

- Dish TV Pros 

1000's of channels

Multiple Packs

High Quality 

HD - High Definition

No Disconnection only stopping services.

Customer Support.

Competition Between Company's.

Dish TV do have anteenas which get signals from satellite but the satellite which was owned by Company's and its was in 1000's of crores to do that so not everyone can do it so there is very less company's they take help from space centers like NASA, ISRO to get launch combinely at one go to reduce the money cost to launch 10/100.

Once, its done then the technical has to lock the transcoder and check signal quality and lock the best possible good signal quality with the help of tools provided by company via trained technicians.

- How Dish TV Work ?

Catch Titles to Packs With The Words Like Surprise, Bonaza, Super, Special, Bumper, Mega, Etc to get Viewers attracted to it and make them purchase like retailers 99rs tag,

More channels, less prices due to today trai rules change dish TV unable to provide packs at lesser prices so that the dish network company partnering or buying and merging with other company's to provide at lesser prices.  

Example : Dish TV & Videocon which are popular dish TV network in india as more reach the better stable the company will become.

These things that should be known of you are Interested in dish TV.

Instead of going into technical aspect we tried to give info in simplified manner.

If you have any suggestions or queries you can comment down below.