What Is Via Browser And Why You Should Use In Android - Less Is More !

Tech Tracker | The times changed now the times of html browsers to today's android advanced browser's that gives good competition to pc browsers in usability and features that most of the things can easily can be done in android except inspect element that android power is not enough.

You may know the most popular android browser after chrome is uc browser which uses its own cloud server to load searches faster than any other browser with loaded features that won against all other browsers at the time.

Uc browser has not only limited itself to just android browsers but do released a mini version. to it which is one of the most downloaded and popular app of play store but later years UC browser faced data breach allegations and it become ad oriented and lost it's glory today that the browser have few years ago.

Then the Via browser comes in with advanced features wih simple user interface and its user experience is top notch and that to in the size of. below 600kb the app have the slogan less is more and it strives to provide quality features in less size that is amazing.

• Via Browser Is Made By Developer - Lakor

• Via Browser Available In PlayStore And Cool Apk and it has its own website : Vaiyoo.com

• It does available in github : LakorTi/Via

- App Available In Multiple Languages And Cool Apk Website Have Specific Chinese Language App You Can Install Global Version In PlayStore.

Via Browser states that it was geek's best choice and the word defines with the features that packed in the app that you won't be seeing in any other browser which I's in the size of via.

Via Browser Features 

- Pure & AdLess

Via Browse have its own adblocker feature which efficiently block any ad that comes in your result and you can disable in settings to.

- Highly Customizable

You can change search bar background and browser background with image or colors that you can add from gallery.

- Fast Like  Lightening

This browser provides blazing speed with on time result and it gives an extra boost over other browsers as it have ad-block and less size.

- Block Images

Yes, You can block images in your browser that you won't seeing any images in your search results that will be useful if you want to save data or block images for any reason which this feature is rare in android browsers and this app do the work for you.

- Available In Both Day And Night Mode

You can easily switch between day and night mode in seconds with the options menu.


Tools option in menu provides you some amazing
feature that won't be seeing in any other android browser that via enables in its features list.

- View Source 

Best feature of the browser that gives to option to view source of website's so you can see the code for development or any other reasons and can be a replacement for inspect element.

- Resource Sniffer

Ultimate feature of this browser and its one of our favorite feature that this option gives resource link of any audio, video or any media file in your panel so you download it or get the link.

- User Agent 

This Is such feature that not available in any android browser yet which loads search results in different web view formats that you can see in this option like chrome - web view, IE - 11 PC, Safari - IPhone, Nokia - Browser, Cool Right !

- Network Log

Last But Not Least, You can log website links and check what's encoded in side with this panel.

- Via Browser Setting 

You have many useful features in this option - general - customization - privacy - add - ons 

Notable feature's - You can add your own scripts and also you can import or export data witn many other features in settings option.

- Small Yet Awesome

Finally, the size below 600kb and considering the several features the app provides and it can be said the small yet awesome.

Why late, try out the via brower and it gives an amazing user experience with loaded specs.

If you like this browser then let us know by commenting down below.