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How To Earn PayTM Cash With CashNGifts ?

Tech Tracker | is such website that pays you for playing games and doing surveys and you can withdraw the points doing reddem to PayTM cash or vouchers. They are many vouchers available and if you reach the minimum points then you can…

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5 Best KeyBoard Apps For Android - 2020

Tech Tracker | Today most of the keyboards that comes pre - installed system apps are good as most keyboard apps that manufacturers use are AOSP and Google Keyboard well this keyboard are good as AOSP offers more clean and less features but google g…

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5 Best Home Launcher's For Android - 2020

Tech Tracker |Android launchers are one of the cool and important system or normal app in any smartphone while iOS have only one launcher look but android have tons of amazing launcher's that you can try out in Playstore while there are 1000'…

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Stock Rom Or Custom Rom - Android ?

Tech Tracker | Today the days that most rooting and installing custom roms got easy instructions and everything became simple and normal there are billions of smartphone's around the globe every smartphone model have its own features and company…

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10 Best Daily News Apps For Android - 2020

Tech Tracker | News is one of the revolutionary invention from newspapers to today's digital information every value and important thing ongoing can be shared instantly with the use of Today digital technology so from local news to world news e…

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10 Best Messaging Apps For Android

Tech Tracker | Messaging is one of the traditional communication portal with most manufacturer's and operating systems have the basic functionality messaging app but if you want to unlock something more than usual then try these messaging apps w…

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Why Apple Struggling In India Market ?

Tech Tracker | Apple Inc, the glorious days of apple until the Steve jobs being CEO of the company with a lot of enthusiasm, innovation and trend setting accomplishments. Then the need of CEO required due to death of Steve jobs then Tim Cook Becam…

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