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| News is one of the revolutionary invention from newspapers to today's digital information every value and important thing ongoing can be shared instantly with the use of Today digital technology so from local news to world news everthing got a portal in all categories from technology to everthing news is one of the most informative and knowledge sharing way, so to share such rapid news unlike newspaper in digital there are so many website's focusing on different subjects, well if you are interested in news today we are presenting some popular Indian and global news apps for android - 2020.

- News Apps

1. The Guardian

Probably, one of the best news portal for quality global news on various topics around the world being the oldest site till date available and also available as app 

2. Washington Post

Washington Post is one of the popular news provider in United States and being maintaing the reputation and quality of news.

3. BBC News

BBC is UK company have an amazing popularity for being active in providing quality and informative news and also giving news about different aspects.

4. Inshorts

Inshorts started as a facebook apps then
later developed a website and then a app
the main highlight of inshorts is giving news in less than 60 words on various topics around the world with quality with less quantity providing knowledge.

5. ShortPedia

Similar to inshorts, the main highlight feature of shortpedia is it have a audio listening feature which really useful and interesting.

6. Danik Bhaskar

Danik bhaskar being the popular hindi news app flourishing as top 1 for years if you are from india and want news in Hindi this can be your first choice.

7. Jagran News

If you are not satisfied or didn't liked danik bhaskar than we suggest you to try this app Jagran danik news.

8. PublicVibe

The highlight feature of danik bhaskar is it gives a great UI and user experience in small app size with alot of goodies also provides daily current affairs.

9. Inkl - the world's best news app

Inkl looks interesting, a news app as they states world's best news app try out and check yourself.

10. TeluguNews - Plus

If you are only want regional app and you are from ap / ts then this app gives news in telugu.

These are some news apps that we found may useful.

If you have any suggestions or queries you can comment down below.