Tech Tracker |Android launchers are one of the cool and important system or normal app in any smartphone while iOS have only one launcher look but android have tons of amazing launcher's that you can try out in Playstore while there are 1000's of launchers available it's hard to choose the right one, so why late let's dive into the 5 awesome launchers that we picked based on usuability and popularity.

These launchers got huge response from many years and growing the user base.

A fraction of second opening app is also important for so many users and the best launcher give the best in it terms.

- 5 Android Launchers ?

- Nova Launcher

You may heard this app for sure it is widely popular in tech community for Customization and speed being cheering for years and growing userbase in millions and being still remain the most used popular app. ( Available In Playstore )

- Pixel Launcher By Amir Zaidi

the port of Google's pixel launcher for all the android devices to experience the features and more. ( Playstore )

- Lawnchair 

If you didn't liked the pure pixel launcher than try these Lawnchair it's based on Amir zaidi pixel launcher with extra work and features. ( Playstore )

- Hyperion Launcher

This app impressed it is from the the dev substratum got released tried it it's does got everything that can do most work it has amazing features and super fast and slick.

- Moto G5 Plus Launcher

If you are using motorola, motorola have thier own launcher which close to pure pixel launcher with extra customization
and usuability difference's. it's one of the choice, you can try out, available in playstore not available for all the devices but you can download port from internet.

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