There are 100's of device cleaning apps and many speed up and boost apps available in android that it has millions of downloads and with high ratings and some even spammed internat and facebook with the campaigns in this many apps finding a good one is not issue but geniune and real one is kinda little hard well some are removed from play store and got back and some good apps didn't come into lime light.

Well, lets us know the apps and comparison of that apps so that you can decide which to choose and why ?

- Cleaning And Boost Apps 

1. Clean Master

This is the first app that comes in mind whenever the clean word tackle in.. clean master got an amazing response from all over the world and got really popular in low end devices got blamed for frustrating ads and said to be taking uneccessary permission and using trackers.

Let's keep the faults and allegations aside but clean master done a great job working with the android ecosystem to manage the device junk to be cleaned and boosting the device perfectly.

In simple, clean master do the job what it says like it search complete system and remove the junk which causing external weight making the device run slow and the files and apps that got using ram and cleaning the apps.

Today, clean master is top #5 cleaning apps that helped milions and users and made many devices to run faster.

2. Files Go

Probably, this app from google made specially for low end android go devices have the app available in playstore the simple user interface and the quality amazes and the trust from google making the app get into this list, files go clean the junk and let's you find the files easily and make you to do job yourself.

3. Boost - By HTC Corporation

Quality defines, simple And clean with powerful features and usuability this app cleans the junk and boost the device instantly with sleeky and attractive animations make you to use more.

Now, the final question is should you use this cleaning apps or not..?

Well, Yes. You can and its up to you if you feel your device slow try this apps if everything good it's fine to keep this app and cleaning junk is kinda neccesary for android for faster functionality and also you have some features that could be helpful.

If you don't want to use this apps or just want the device to run faster then just clean the junk with the junk cleaning apps.

Finally, this is our list of cleaning and boosting apps for android.