Do you ever wondered that there are some websites which pay you for surveys that you can earn shopping vouchers, paytm cash etc just for giving simple surveys.

There are many survery website like panel station but panel station is most popular and trust worthy
website that gives you vouchers once you reached the minimum redeem points.

Website :

- Why To Use Panel Station + ?

- You can earn vouchers 

- you can earn Paytm cash 

- But you have wait atleast a month to get the vouched recieved in your email.

- surveys based on your profile.

- as per some trusted sources that panel station gives more surveys to female gender than male.

- you have to complete the survey the points can be accurate it will be based on the survey details quality.

- it's not regular, you may get more surveys and less surveys and no surveys at time as well.

- you can contest in luck draws and buy tickets.

- you also have panel station app available in playstore which most survey website lacks.

- simple and useful survey app if you have hobby to do fill surveys or just using panel station for little pocket money.

- most surveys have atleast 300p to 500p

- you will also get emails of latest surveys in your gmail or email inbox.

- app having millions of users worldwide and being the one of oldest survey website.

- support team is good they reply you for emails.

- Panel station as per our review panel station pays you surely but it takes atleast a time. If you got any issue with payement you can contact them through email.

Reason for late payments, as per the support as they check and process payements as it's a survey app it atleat take a month.

You can try out the website for yourself either it apt your daily routine or not.

- How To Register In Panel Station ?

- Go to

- Tap on signup either choose facebook or google to sign up.

- once you signup go to inbox and activate the email.

- once done you can eithe use website or app to login.

- once you log in to panel station you can now have fill details - profile and other details which required to complete profile information.

- once you done 100% profile you will get 500p in your account just for filling profile which can be done in 3min.

- once you get into panel station you may get 1 or 2 surveys or no surveys you can wait for surveys.

- How To Redeem Points In Panel Station ?

- once you reach minimum reddem points you have many vouchers available the popular are amazon, flipkart, Paytm, paypal etc.

- in the list of vouchers choose the amount that you want to reddem with points.

- once you do that confirm the voucher and than you will get the request successful email.

- you also have luck draw option which you have to invest your reddem points for bigger prizes.

• we suggest you to reddem in vouchers instead of luck draws in our try we didn't got but you can try your luck if you really wish to.

- Can you depend on panel station for source of income ?

- Never Do That.

- Even Company Panel Station Themselves Say That.

- You can't rely on some third party website or app any time it is just an option you have some standard source aside.

- panel station have potential to earn bucks alot but it's alot of time consuming it takes a year to get 50bucks if everthing goes well.

- well surveys differ from person to person it's based on your luck and profile that company interests in your opinion.

• Finally, Yes, panel station is a geniune way to earn money and continue to rise as they are many sites still panel station can be considered first choice and payements got done and trusted by many popular website's.