File managers plays important key role in android which gives access to all the files that stored in your device which is need to be viewed conviently many apps
tried there own ways to standout best file manager in the market with new designs and features, well there are many amazing file mangers apps but MixPlorer got upper hand in all the major features and design.

- Why MixPlorer Is Best File Manager

• Well, the one of the major reason that made me to consider is size of the app which is less than 3mb with featured packed powerful file manager.

• Probably one of the simple design I seen in range of file managers well it also gives you ability to change the UI preference easily.

• It can also have add-ons it's hard to pack some heavy features to make it simple MixPlorer added ad-on system so externally you can install ad-ons via playstore, some popular ad-ons like UI change and PDF Viewer. ad-on etc to be said that I founf MixPlorer pdf add-on is better than most other pdf apps.

• Dual windows to multi-tasks well most file managers lack this feature but mix - plorer does this feature really good and stable.

• Giving simple and clean navigation to access all files available in your device through hamburger menu 

• Book Marks - this is something new that most file manager doesn't you can book mark the locations.

• Recent option in menu is also can be seen in very less file managers.

• MixPlorer also provides best simple and clean interface to navigate most type of the files like below.

• MixPlorer provides tons of features in such less size with quality and best user experience is definitely stands MixPlorer as top #1 file manager available in market.

• Lock Files, Folder, Apps Easily With Pattern or Password this is such feature that you won't be finding in any other file managers.

Do most advanced archive features create most file types easy search useful add-ons and so much customisation as well add FTTP, HTTP, TCP server, share files between MixPlorer apps. 

So, finally I can say this MixPlorer is best file manager for android.

However, MixPlorer not available in playstore you have to download and install from websites like or or

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