When there are very few apps in playstore for doing crypto mining this app top up in the list Phoneum and RFX even though the apps looks attract you the reality differ alot and if you are considering this apps to mine this own crypto coins this reality should be known to users.

Phoneum Vs RFX clouding apps there are alot of pros and cons if some sides phoneum looks little better and some other sides rfx coin looks better.

whatever, if we take whole subject than both of them will be considered tie let's know why ?

- Phoneum Vs RFX Cloud Mining ?

Before getting started it is need to know that both the apps are using cloud and using latest asic id technology to mine not like in old days where you have to use your cpu or gpu which causing issue.

• Phoneum

The main + point of the phoneum app is it has one of the best UI and UX including that the option of background mining without need of starting the app and you also have vip facility which extend the mining capability 4x faster that you can add 4 sessions extra which cost you around 3 to 3.5$ in INR 250rs approx.

They have two seperate apps for mining and wallet for storing and both have clean and simple UI and it uses a different wallet technology so that they suggest you to transfer the mining pht coins to thier own wallet.

Phoneum available to contact through email, instagram twitter, facebook, telegram.

Telegram group : @phoneumchat

The minimum withdraw of pht is 30000pht which usually takes 1year as per the information that is provided in app and if you purchase the vip facility then it boost 4x.

Let's see... 30.000pht = 1year with vip service you have 4 sessions capability then 30.000×4 = 1,20.000.

30,000 pht = 3.5$ ( 250RS ) × 4 = 1,20.000 = 14$

In one year... only if you want to get benifited than you need to opt for vip service and that to you have to wait for a year.

So, to reduce the time phoneum introduced the crypto treasers app that said to be reducing half the time that it take to reach 30,000pht.

1,20.000pht = 14$ ( 1year ) now takes 6 months that to not accurate and may or may not possible.

So, now you can decide yourself either you are ok with phoneum or not it's up to you.

- RFX Cloud Mining 

the currency that we encountered today that available in playstore with the size of 3.5 mb and its in beta ( Development ) it is created by Andrew cisco.

RFX coin is social media exchange currency coin that pay you for views and followers.

Website : https://www.reflexcoin.com

Support : @ReflexCoin chat group available that the chat admins won't answer you quick but you can ask your question's, queries and suggestons.

Bot : @ReflexTokenBot 

App : Reflex mining app available both on android and iOS | Playstore and App Store |

- How Is Reflex Mining App 

* I understand Reflex App Is Still Beta *

1• But let's calculate it was taking approx 50minutes to mine 1rfx coin

- the app only giving one hour mining daily that is the users get 1rfx in 50min to 1hr.

- they also giving daily draw of 10rfx token 10rfx + 1rfx = 11rfx so that in this case it takes around 454 days.

2• if I added extend feature that gives me 8hr for cloud mining and also with background mining feature which cost me 7 rfx coins

- 8hr = 8rfx coin I spend 7 rfx for the extend feature so I get 1 or 2 rfx benifit which is useless I think the only benifit I get was background cloud mining.

- let's see 10rfx for daily draw and 8 rfx for mining with extend feature 10 rfx + 8 rfx = 18 rfx | 5000rfx ÷ 18 = 244 days.

• You see they give boost feature which gives 5hr boost with no background in mining so you have keep app without closing 5hr = 5 rfx which is what you pay what you get...

This is also useless with waste of time 5hrs.

So the both features the app gives are useless even after using features you will get to •1 point there is no use of spending on this feature.

In this case it will take around 454 days if you mine 11rfx coins daily with no boost and no extend feature.

As per ceo : 5000rfx = 0.05$ so let's see 5000rfx÷0.05$ = 250rs which is 3.5$ for 454 days of daily 1hr putting your phone awake with app with no guarantee of mining that as well.

I don't think it's profitable but it's only good if you have 30 devices or something..

So..... It's a tie 

Finally, this is our comparision of the popular complete phone oriented mining apps.