The crypto currency playing major role in today world most precious transactions of money ex change doing with crypto currency's as it will more security and anonymity. well the old times to mine Bitcoin you definitely need to have a pc and it's easy to mine as well you get 1000's of btc in hrs but today it takes years even with high end computers.

To all the users we notice you that doing crypto Mining of various currency is possible but if you have a normal device and only one device and getting benefitted from it is hard task but if you many devices that are laying around with no use you can definately try it.or you working in a phone showroom with multiple demo phone available around that you can use. 😎

well, it takes years to mine couple of dollors like 3 to 5$ mobile most of the mining apps that we see
are using cloud mining some apps support back ground mining and some are not but the latest crypto mining using asic id instead of cpu's.

Note the point that there is very less apps available to mine and most of them have its own pros and cons you have use yourself and check which one benefit you better than other.

If you really want to benefit from crypto currency's the only way is to do investing do invest couple of
dollors ( buy ) make sure buying charges as low as possible else you won't be getting benefitted as you only get couple of dollors profit in months in simply the higher you invest the higher you get benefit and its based on market value and its graphs and future growth and sometime you may lose some and all also choose the popular crypto coin like Bitcoin if you want really get faster benifit as per XDA article Zcash crypo mining has good conversion rate and it will give better profit in low time.

Even after knowing that it will take years of time without a lot of time investment in it and you still wanna continue and have only one device to mine then will dive in.

- Crypto Mining Apps 

1. Phoneum 

the only app that comes for mobile crypto mining is phoneum as it developed for completely mobile oriented and it will do the job as it says like that you can easily setup and start earning.

Phoneum uses PHT coins and with today's rate that it phoneum minimum payout takes around 30.000pht and for a normal device it takes 
around 1year to mine 30.000.

30.000 PHT to INR = Approx 230 to 250rs ( 3 to 3.5 ) which takes around 1 year with cloud mining.

the only benefit that we can get from phoneum is it can work in background flawlessly and always connected to cloud and it will do rest of the job.

some other benefits and options like it has VIP purchase which gives faster mining and also gives 4 sessions possibility so you can add upto 4 sessions in one account so it's gives 4x faster reach to 30.000pht and VIP cost you 3 to 3.5$

It does also have crypto treasures app which says it will reward crypto's as per CEO : ilyak keylov In our conversation that it gives possibility of reaching 30k pht more easily.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the phoneum you can mail :

Now, do you still want to use phoneum it's upto you and phoneum available in playstore and app store as well and it also have phone pe wallet and they highly suggest you to transfer to thier own wallet than other like it's highly supported with thier technology format.

You also have support facility through email, facebook, twitter and instagram.

• Phoneum + points the apps both the cloud earning app and wallet is simple and easy and you can start earning in min and know more about crypto coins and tokens etc.

2. RFX Coin's

the currency that we encountered today that available in playstore with the size of 3.5 mb and its in beta ( Development ) it is created by Andrew cisco.

RFX coin is social media exchange currency coin that pay you for views and followers.

Website :

Support : @ReflexCoin chat group available that the chat admins won't answer you quick but you can ask your question's, queries and suggestons.

Bot : @ReflexTokenBot 

App : Reflex mining app available both on android and iOS | Playstore and App Store |

- How Is Reflex Mining App 

* I understand Reflex App Is Still Beta *

1• But let's calculate it was taking approx 50minutes to mine 1rfx coin

- the app only giving one hour mining daily that is the users get 1rfx in 50min to 1hr.

- they also giving daily draw of 10rfx token 10rfx + 1rfx = 11rfx so that in this case it takes around 454 days.

2• if I added extend feature that gives me 8hr for cloud mining and also with background mining feature which cost me 7 rfx coins

- 8hr = 8rfx coin I spend 7 rfx for the extend feature so I get 1 or 2 rfx benifit which is useless I think the only benifit I get was background cloud mining.

- let's see 10rfx for daily draw and 8 rfx for mining with extend feature 10 rfx + 8 rfx = 18 rfx | 5000rfx ÷ 18 = 244 days.

• You see they give boost feature which gives 5hr boost with no background in mining so you have keep app without closing 5hr = 5 rfx which is what you pay what you get...

This is also useless with waste of time 5hrs.

So the both features the app gives are useless even after using features you will get to •1 point there is no use of spending on this feature.

In this case it will take around 454 days if you mine 11rfx coins daily with no boost and no extend feature.

As per ceo : 5000rfx = 0.05$ so let's see 5000rfx÷0.05$ = 250rs which is 3.5$ for 454 days of daily 1hr putting your phone awake with app with no guarantee of mining that as well.

So.. I don't think it's profitable but it's only good if you have 30 devices or something..

Now, you know the reality and features available in reflex mining app as you can see that both the phoneum and reflex mining app have same pros and con's. 

if we compare phoneum with rfx mining that the feature of phoeneum which doesn't need to open the app to mine and it mines continuosly for 365 days but rfx mining app you need to open and keep the app active daily and earn also the app send the money the ERC 20 tokens to ERC 20 token supported wallets only and that to it takes 24hrs to 72hrs to process payment but here the thing is phoneum takes 365days having VIP feature and crypto treasures app but a little lower usd conversation to rfx coin but rfx coin app is still in beta..

So understanding the pros and cons of the both the phoneum and rfx coin it can said draw both of them have no bigger + points.

Now, you can check the apps yourself and decide.

3. The third app that comes into the list is Bitcoin maker that gives btc every 5min and you just have to solve 5+7 = - × mathematics once the time get done... Simple Right ?

Well, in one answer it's ' NO ' unless you may get around 50rs if you put heart and heavy time into it and worry about payement's oof... It's time taking with account issues etc.

Let's see, either the app is still available in playstore or not this is the app better than
the apps we said above unlike the other crypto it's better to mine the old and popular btc bitcoin.

So if you are interested search for btc maker it may or may not available if we found link we will post here.

4. Electroreum 

the mining apps that we didn't tried and only seen that the app have seperate crypto coin that the app gives you reward ETC coins you can either exchange or trade as per your wish.

Available on Playstore 


well, this is the app that we didn't even tried that we got tried the website that didn't experience the app is founded at the end of 2016 the app states faster, safter cryptocurrency.

you have btc, ethereum and many coins available and you can do payements from app itself that app never used cpu or gpu or any phone hardware.

Finally, we wanna conclude with a line that app install earning apps that task bucks gives you more money than this mining apps if you have professionality invest and earn understanding how crypto world works. think twice before you buy.

Secure your backup keys always ✓

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