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| PlayStore is filled up with anti-virus they are many anti-virus apps from popular company including well known McAfee and kaspersky but reliance which own India's popular network company Jio has launched its own apps while there are many apps they released, however Jio security app being one of the new choice in today's anti virus apps hub.

Jio security offer many features that can help your device better and secured.

- Jio Security Feature

App Advisor

- Jio Security apps provides you an list of apps that are vulnerable or not by scanning every app available in android.

• App Advisor For Google Play

One of the amazing feature of google play that every app that you want to install app in PlayStore will be scanned and give you either it contains threat or unnecessary permissions

• Malware Scanner

If your smartphone contains any trojan file or malware if its advanced technique may this app not work but most virus or malware can be scanned with this app.

• Web Protection 

Do you want to protect your web data or payement gateways then definitely a good choice using google security.

• Anti - Theft

If your device got robbed or lost then this feature is must useful with a lot of options.

• Link - Guard

If certain link that you try to search from any browser then this feature will analyse either the link is vulnerable or not.

• WiFi - Guard

If you are using public WiFi or some ones WiFi than using this feature protect from man in the middle attacks etc.

• Call - Blocking

Are you getting unnecessary spam calls from companys like recharges etc then you can use this feature to do block that calls and contacts.

- These are some amazing features that Jio Security app offers which normal anti virus apps doesn't Jio security provides a package of secured features.

Finally, Your power against digital threats to digital life.