If you are switching from pc to android you probably know that RAR archiver and extractor is powerful software as it provides wide range of features with the help of windows libraries, it is more easy to do extraction or compression with android with simple user interface and having ability to do more.

There are many apps that comes in android to being top of the list however the all round successful app can be said Zarchiver here it is why ?

- Why Zarchiver Is Best Tool ?

Zarchiver by zdevs being available from long back has been updating and getting improved from time to time decreasing time for archiver tools as there are many
file formats like iso, cso, rar, zip, 7zip, gzip etc.

Zarchiver probably the one app which gives a simple and clean user interface giving powerful features and quality at best over time being supporting wide range of formats Zarchiver adding new formats into the app updating timely.

Zarchiver can be said having one of the best user experience compared to other archiver tool apps that we seen as it is good app doesn't got big user interface changes so there is stable user
experience for years. 

- Settings Option Provides External Customization For Usuability.

• 7 Zip Compression Level

- Set Compression Level

• Zip Compression Level

- Set Compression Level

• Default Character Encoding

Select Default Unicode Compress For Zip Files.

• Parrallism

Specify CPU cores.

• Force Allow All The Compression Level

- Enabling this option may effect stability.

7z Archive Compression Method

- Set LZMA | LZMA2 method.

7z Archive Solid Mode

Create 7z Zip in Solid Mode

Combine Operations By Pipe

Tar .gz archive together.

Zarchiver, giving many options to handle and use the ability of app for a better usuability for different types of users.

- General

- Interface

- File Manager

- Compression


You can set the options according to your requirements the speed of compression or some features depend on your phone features and performance.

Finally, there may be some apps from well known popular provider like RAR but for android Zarchiver done alot of contribution and its easyness of using also powerful features with simple UI and UX giving Customization through settings making Zarchiver #1 choice fot android users.