Hi, when the battery consuming can be reduced you can even reduce data consumption in android and its completely possible well today most of the ISP providing sufficient internet packs even in india still data saving can help and useful at certain times and scenario's.

The question is How to Save Data In Android it's one of the easiest way unless you are using the old Android versions all the latest Android versions giving data saver option in system itself.

If you are using later Q or P then you can scroll the tile or search for data saver in settings to enable data saver the working mechanism of data saver is to reduce the data speed to the usage of the app and its required slowly so the bandwidth usage won't become higher so that the data saving can be reduced.

The old version's that we can reduce data saving is to install apps like datally and no root firewall app so that you can get data saver in alternative way, the datally app made by Google uses VPN to get that connected to thier server giving you the options to manage data saving through several features and options and one of the main highlight feature is that you can block internet once you specified data limit reached.

No Root firewall is some thing that you can save data through restricting apps internet data you can do that to the apps that are using high internet data or some app that acting suspicious so that you can save data.

The another way that you can reduce data consume is enabling VP9 codec in youtube these way you can get better effecient video encoding at lower data usage.

You can even use data saving options in apps -

- chrome - data saver

- youtube - youtube go

- twitter - twitter lite

- facebook - fb lite

There are many lite apps that are data saving lite apps specifically made for low internet connection's and low data speed areas.

In samsung phones there is one options that specifically made for some devices ultra data saving mode in models like J6 & J6+ and some other models are exclusive.

Well, if you are completely wanted some device that exclusively launched for data consumption reduction then samsung achieved that feat.

Also, remmember the lower the internet speed the lower the data usage the higher it will go the faster the data will start consuming.