Ad networks are you got bored of sign ups in the new sites that you found to be giving high CTC, CPM, CDM and once you submit your website you getting denied or un approval.

Well, its most common issue for the new websites don't disappointed we will going to provide two authentic ways and proved methods that you can start earning from your new website no traffic needed but you need traffic later.

The major thing that most websites got rejected is the website doesn't comply with the T© or the website doesn't have enough articles or the website is not enough old the major ad networks like adsense atleast prefer the website is 2 month old.

Ok, whatever these two websites adsterra and a - gives you the possibility of adding ad codes immediately and getting earn statistics instantly.

- Adsterra

Adsterra can be said the authenic way and the best ad network for new website that saving the new comers way long and you can even see the statistics with in dash board how your site is performed and how many impressions and clicks that your ad units recieved and you even have many pay out options with different amounts.

- a -

The primary focus of this website is to provide clean ad experience and also btc oriented the ads work with slogan we respect your privacy well the website gives the only way to get with drawn amout via btc and the btc has to 000000.1 btc and it equals to 586rs inr you can check the ad units performance and even you can check the ad units and ad different size ad units and mainly you have adaptive ad unit as well.

a - ads uses different method of calculating the revenue instead of impressions from single person over time a - ads uses unique impression method to calculate these way the person that who views the ad on that day only got added and the next impression will be added after the 24hrs from same person these method is not that kinda impressive but it definitely works for new websites.

These are the two authentic and genuine ways that we found you can use for new website's and mainly instantly.